Andrew Rolfe, Working with Jacob Lief to Help the Citizens of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The Ubuntu Fund, located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa is dedicated to addressing the educational crisis in South Africa. They believe that the children who are vulnerable and the orphaned are deserving of having all that children should have and that is everything.

The Ubuntu Fund is a non-profit organization that was founded by Jacob Lief, who is also the chief executive officer. He has realized that there was money coming in from donations but it wasn’t doing anything to change people’s lives and circumstances. It seems that the donations and grants that they were receiving oft times came with restrictions attached from the donor as to how the money was spent. He was focused on looking for and finding the best way in which to support the children that he set the charity up to help.

If the donor is serving on the board of the non-profit it does allow them some say on the operations of the organization, and if that donor has any experience that is relevant, it can be very beneficial. This simply means that the foundation can use the expertise of the donor and in the meantime, the donor will feel that he is in the loop.

Charities, in general, are often in need of a source of money that is ongoing, which allows them to spend it on the items needed to make the organization run smoothly. That can be anything from Internet Technology systems to finding new ways to train the staff, which in turn will make them more efficient and be able to expand their programs.

Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund also works for the community of Zwide, Port Elizabeth, South Africa to improve the health care, social welfare and the education problems. He has very impressive credentials, having received his B.A. from Oxford and attended Harvard Business School where he earned his M.B.A.

Greg Finch: Highly Credible Orthopedic Surgeon

When it comes to orthopedic surgery, you will need to touch base with the best professional can handle it. There are a lot of different types of orthopedic surgery that are common within the industry. The more that you know about these surgeries, the better you will be able to receive them and team up with surgeons like Greg Finch who can handle it.

What are a few of the most common types of orthopedic surgery?

There are a few major types of orthopedic surgery you should consider, to include total joint replacement and spinal surgery.

With total joint replacement, the orthopedic surgeon will insert plastic and metal pieces to replace joints, in order to heal conditions such as arthritis and other forms of long-standing pain. They are fitted to form naturally with your body and will give you plenty of comfort and flexibility.

Spinal surgery is also very common, because a countless number of people deal with back pain each and every year. For instance, some 80% of people in the world contend with lower back pain on a daily basis. By touching base with a professional who can handle procedures such as spinal fusion, you will be in good hands.

Who is Greg Finch?

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who works for Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service in Queensland. He received his education from the University of Auckland. He specializes currently in orthopedic spine surgery and is an accredited surgeon with many years of experience. By reaching out to Greg Finch, you are getting an opportunity to receive service from a highly credentialed professional who is world renowned and skilled at what he does. Greg Finch is trained in every facet of spinal surgery and can deal with a number of different factors that arise.

So when you are looking to receive the best orthopedic surgery possible from professionals who can handle it, pick up the phone and place a call for an appointment.


Love for Kabbalah Teachings

People used spirituality as a way to escape the world around them. They use it for guidance and support regarding things that are heavy on the hearts and minds. There are many spiritual entities that people look to. One is Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a Jewish mysticism that is has become a huge subject for many people. Many know about Kabbalah because of the many celebrities that took interest in it or that joined the mysticism fully. There seems to be a fascination with Kabbalah that has grown over the years. One celebrity, in particular, has brought Kabbalah to the forefront again. Madonna is a music superstar that took interest into Kabbalah in the mid-2000s. Once she was seen wearing the famous Kabbalah red bracelet, many took notice. After that Kabbalah saw a newfound fame and more interest in their teachings. However, even though Madonna is the one that gave Kabbalah a new boost in publicity, she is not the first celebrity to take interest in the religion. Hollywood legends like Sammy Davis Jr, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor have all shown interest in Kabbalah. Paris Hilton and Sandra Bernard have also been seen going to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and wearing the famous red yarn bracelets.

Paris Hilton has credited Kabbalah for giving her peace in her life when times were tough. There are other celebrities that have credited the Kabbalah teachings as a source of comfort and guidance. Many go to the Kabbalah Centre to further their studies.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Philip Berg, along with his wife. The center is located in Los Angeles and it has other branches in New York City and in Europe. The Kabbalah Centre conducts classes on the religion, online and within the center. The Kabbalah Centre has a diverse set of instructors who teach the lessons. They have a very diverse student body, with thousands attending Kabbalah classes from all over the world.

Equities First is Making Borrowing Simple and Reliable

Equities First has a U.K. branch that is great for people who do not know about borrowing. The individuals working for Equities First are skilled in all areas of borrowing from financial institutions. They are great at explaining everything in the simplest terms.

Firs Time borrowers within the U.K. will benefit most from Equities First. The reason for this is that Equities First mainly deals with lenders that work with first-time borrowers. However, Equities First does not let borrowers face these lenders alone. Equities First speaks on behalf of the borrowers, and they make sure the lenders are not taking advantage of the borrowers.

One way Equities First protects borrowers is by making sure they get low interest rates. There are some financial institutions that are charging almost 700% interest. Equities First are great at pointing out illegal interest rates when they see them, and this helps borrowers pay back their loan faster.

Another way Equities First helps borrowers is by making sure they receive low monthly payments on their loans. This is why they deal with lenders who engage in stock based loans and other non-traditional loans. This helps borrowers receive a monthly payment that is not based on industry standards. Equities First representatives explain all the details to the lender. This includes how much profit the borrower is making, how long they have been involved in the world of business, and how long they wish to have an existing loan in place. From this information, a monthly charge is established. Equities First has helped borrowers pay less than $80 a month on a loan that surpasses $10,000 and read full article.

Every day more people from the U.K. are choosing Equities First. In fact, it is estimated that over 90% of businesses that will be created this year will have a connection to Equities First and its Website.

Raven Effect Is the New Show at Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne

PodcastOne has launched a new show, Raven Effect. The show will be aired through The Jericho Network on PodcastOne. The show will be hosted by former WWE star Scot “Raven” Levy and is expected to bring his infamous finishing move, Raven Effect to the PodcastOne. New episodes of the show will be released on Mondays on iTunes, and PodcastOne app. Raven Effect will feature discussions on issues concerning current events, conspiracies, pet peeve and pop culture, just to mention a few. With the aim of bringing interesting views to the show, the self-proclaimed, world-class idiot will feature enemies, friends, know-nothings and know-it-alls.


The founder and executive chairman of America’s largest producer and distributor of on-demand-audio programming, Norman Pattiz congratulated Chris Jericho for his unmatched experience and remarkable additions to the PodcastOne Network. In his speech, he acknowledged Jericho’s knowledge in balancing wrestling contents and other topics including sports and music. Chris Jericho had earlier introduced Beyond the Darkness, a paranormal show that has attracted a massive fan base. His experience and excellence in introducing new shows made Norman Pattiz believe that Raven Effect will be the next big winner for the PodcastOne Network.


On his part, Jericho expressed his strong faith in the new show. Having known Raven for decades as an intelligent, ridiculous, sarcastic, entertaining and funny, Jericho believes that the new show will quickly take roots because Raven has all that is needed. Jericho also informed his fans that more entertaining shows are in the pipeline. Since the launch of The Jericho Network in July 2016, the show has hosted celebrated shows like Beyond the Darkness, team Tiger Awesome, Keeping it 100 with Konnan and Killing Town with Storm and Cyrus.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne. In 2010, Norman Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group with the aim of producing and distributing quality programming. Two years later, Pattiz saw untapped opportunities in the audio-on-demand programming industry, a factor that prompted him to launch PodcastOne in 2012. Since then the company has grown to become the leader in the provision of on-demand audio programming.


Norman began his career in 1974 when he launched Westwood One. Under his leadership, Westwood One grew to become one of largest providers of sports, news, traffic programming, and entertainment. With over 40 years in radio syndication, Pattiz has earned a lot of respect and recognition. He has also served on various boards including the famous Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S.

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Are You Looking For a Reliable And Cost Effective Solution For Your Insurance Needs?

For people who are looking for a reliable health insurance company that provides quality health care coverage, there is an ideal health insurance company known as USHEALTH Group, Inc. This company with the help of its subsidiaries sells and underwrites individual health insurance plans along with some additional products for small business owners and self-employed individuals throughout the United States. Its products comprise fixed indemnity medical insurance, individual health insurance, insurance that gives coverage for illness periods, dental insurance, and income and accident protection solutions along with many others, and a convertible and renewable term life policy for life, accident and illness protection. USHEALTH Group, Inc. was incorporated in 1982 and is founded in Fort Worth, Texas and changed its name from Ascent Assurance, Inc. to USHEALTH Group, Inc. in March 2005. It sells the products with the assistance of their agents, and they have established their reputation through their hard working, dedication, customer services, customized offers for different clients and other amenities, so their customer feels like they are in right hands. Few of their services are mentioned below so you can have a better understanding of their services.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

People need a combination of home/tenants and auto insurance in order to protect their valuable assets, comply with lease or loan conditions, satisfy government regulations, or to make sure that there is coverage in case of a third-party liability. Many, however, don’t take benefit of group insurance for insurance to help reduce the charges that they pay for their coverage. One of the primary reasons for that is they are not aware that they may be suitable for group insurance and pay an undiscounted rate quoted by their selected insurance broker, insurer or agent to them. Group rates guarantee much lower premium, however, they are a logical and good starting point for personal rate comparison. You can contact USHEALTH Group insurance to find out if you’re eligible for group insurance. Many associations and employers are using them because of their customized packages and state of the art customer services for the sole purpose of group insurance plans for their members or employees as a voluntary benefit . Alumni of numerous educational institutions also occasionally become eligible, and they opt for such insurance as well.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

For cash-strapped families in today’s modern society, affordable Group Family Insurance is an adequate money saver. Group insurance becomes more significant while the economy is crashing and medical costs are rising. Checkup becomes economic problems for different families, in connection with the increasing cost of fee for service about health care. That’s where USHEALTH Group , Inc. to assist their customer to cut down the cost of medical expenses.

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Spring Into Good Health With The Sheryl Underwood Way


With Spring upon us and swimsuit season just around the corner, it is time to shape up and shed the winter fluff. With an entire range of health products from aromatherapy to weight loss, will help you obtain a higher quality of life.


Comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood has been using Dherbs detox and weight loss programs with amazing results. Her first week on the system allowed her to see a loss of five pounds. She also employed suggested tools such as drinking plenty of water to flush out the body. She also talks about being disciplined, meditating and exercising as well as using Dherbs.

The all natural full body cleanse system addresses a wide variety of health issues. It works to clean your body of toxins you take in every day. This does not simply mean bad food choices. You are exposed to pollution in the air every time you walk out the door. Even when you make a conscience effort to eat well, chemicals and preservatives in the food can still linger in your system making you feel sluggish, cause you to gain weight, and even cause depression. In the detox stage, it is recommend you eat raw, meaning uncooked and unprocessed food such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.


Sheryl saw positive effects by adding exercise to her routine. There is no reason to stress over this. Dherbs full body cleanse aids in metabolism and energy levels so you can increase blood flow and flush the body of all the poisons.


Anyone can benefit from the Dherbs system. More people are taking their health in their own hands and detox is the perfect first step to feeling like a new person. More than just weight loss, Dherbs is a total body purifying system.

Dherbs Full Body Cleanse Detoxing Experience

Snapchat Stock Surges 44 Percent On The First Day Of Launch

Snap, the parent company of SnapChat, had a great run on its first day at the New York Stock Exchange. The issue was launched at the value of $17, but opened at $24 and closed at $24.48, which is a net rise of 44 percent straight. However, the IPO price was not accessible to everyone but limited to high net worth investors and institutional buyers. Many of the investors rooting for Snap didn’t have the chance to invest in the IPO because of low accessibility. It resulted in many of the investors not able to make enough returns from their investment after the launch.


The launch of Snap’s IPO looks pretty similar to that of the launch of Twitter’s IPO launch in 2013. The Twitter’s IPO launched with much fanfare and saw a massive surge on the first day, but faced volatility in the month’s to come. Alternatively, Facebook didn’t witness such a surge on its opening day but strengthened its position over a period in the stock market. The move of Snap going public is considered an exciting turning point for the company. It is because the company didn’t want to be hyped as overvalued, which is mostly the case with online companies.


It is true that SnapChat is entering the market a bit too late, but it would prove worthy for the enterprise. It is because its attractive feature of “Stories” being copied by other modern applications like Instagram and now, even Whatsapp. Even though the revenue of the company has been significantly increasing, the income doesn’t generate considerable net profit. Hemant Taneja, one of the first few investors in SnapChat says that he believed in SnapChat and its Founder, Evan Spiegel because Evan was hell bent on making the technology generate interest, create volume regarding member base and overall, make it work, and he did. He added that the founder wanted to keep the primary elements of the app same, rather than always changing the behaviors.


The images in SnapChat disappear by default, and while many were skeptical about it in the beginning, it proved to be a feature that is quite popular till date.

L.A. Kabbalah Centre has Attracted many Celebrities to Study this Wisdom.

The study of Kabbalah is growing in America and around the world. Since the first Kabbalah Centre was established in Israel in 1922, Kabbalah Centres have been started in over 40 cities worldwide. These Kabbalah Centres allow the ancient wisdom to be studied by anyone who is interested. In the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre, which was established in the 1980s, a surprising number of non-Jewish celebrities are attending on a regular basis.

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sammy Davis are a few of the Kabbalah students from the last generation, but there are more of the younger stars attending the Centre today. Britney Spears, Madonna, Paris Hilton and Sarah Bernhard are all attending the L.A. Kabbalah Centre learning the principles of Kabbalah and benefiting.

Sarah Bernhard told the media that 80 percent of the chaos in her life is eliminated with Kabbalah. She goes to the Centre regularly, and she feels better. Paris Hilton says that it was the L.A. Kabbalah Centre that helped her cope with her break-up from her fiance.

The Kabbalah Centre online defines Kabbalah as the “ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment.” Though it originated in the Jewish religion thousands of years ago, Kabbalah is not a religion. It is the principles of life that lead to making better decisions and finding the joy that is inside of every human. It is this simple belief that entices people, young and old, to find out more about this wisdom.

Chabad explains Kabbalah as the “soul of the Torah,” which will change your perspective of life and the world around you. The longer you study, the more you will see how the world works. Non-Jewish celebrities study Kabbalah and find the answers they need concerning their world and personal problems. The Kabbalah Centre also says that studying this ancient wisdom offers the student an overall plan of the universe, along with understanding more of the issues in our lives.”

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business

If you own a business or company and you are looking to improve your marketing and advertising, social media will soon be your best friend. If your business or company is not already on social media, you need to get there as soon as possible. Facebook and Instagram are good places to start, and you can also try Twitter if you’re up for it. Once you have social media accounts, you’ll want to use the following tips to help these platforms boost your business.


First, you can use your social media platforms to post about upcoming coupons and discounts for your customers and clients. In fact, this is an excellent way to gain new clients and customers. If you have a sale coming up, advertise this on your social media platforms, and be sure to include all of the relevant information.


Next, use your social media platforms to talk about updates in your company. Do you have a new employee? Are you opening a new branch? These are all things that warrant big announcements on social media. Make sure to post pictures and videos when you can as well because these are definitely things that your clients and customers will want to see. Fortunately, almost all social media platforms are extremely easy to use and manage, so uploading these types of media will be easy to do for anyone.


Finally, keep in mind that you’ll need to be updating your social media accounts on a regular basis. You simply cannot let your social media accounts sit there while you do nothing with them. The whole purpose of having these accounts is so that you can update them with news, pictures, coupons and other fun things. These will be special updates for your current and potential clients and customers.


Because updating your social media accounts on a regular basis is so important, you might want to consider hiring someone to do this part-time or even full-time, depending on the overall size of your business. Many businesses and companies employ a social media marketer who is in charge of sending out updates each and every day.