Using YouTube to Gain Attention

In a recent article on buzzfeed news, a young woman known to her fans as “YazTheSpaz” is gaining attention on Youtube. In the article it states that she was teaching traditional hijab fashion. Yaz has her own product line and is looking to grow her business. With 68,000 followers, and articles being written about her I’m sure she will have no problem doing just that.
Many people have gained hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social media sites by demonstrating useful information, giving fashion advice, or just being your average person having some sort of silly experience. Take the lady with the chewbacca mask for instance. She was an overnight sensation due do simply posting a video of herself enjoying a product. Her laughter was so contagious that so became her video. This makes me think, “couldn’t your average person also build a business, and gain attention by doing Youtube videos?” I believe the answer is, “of course you can”.
The video simply has to gain the viewers attention. Most videos which “go viral” are really funny, really cute, extremely great information or tutorials, have something to do with an amazing looking recipe, or pull your heart strings so hard you could play guitar on them. The key is figuring out which of those categories your best at performing in and what exactly you are trying to “sell” to your fans. The next step is filming, and editing something so great that your friends and family share it simply because they like it, and not because they love you. In the case of Yaz, she is not only showing people how to do a stylish hijab, but marketing her brand and bringing positive attention to her faith. She has identified her category, made good informational videos, and gained a bunch of followers for it. I personally believe that a great cat video could sell almost anything, but that’s just me!

Google Hangouts Stepping Down For YouTube Live

Google has made a recent announcement that Hangouts On Air is going to be discontinued in September. For those that are wondering what they are going to do for their live-streaming activities, they can rest assured that all of their streaming needs will be handled by YouTube. This is good news for people that have grown accustomed to Hangouts On Air. It also looks like this has been carefully mapped out. Therefore, it is likely going to be a seamless transition for people. People will be able to use YouTube live right away when Hangouts On Air service is finished on Sept 12.

A new post has been uploaded on the support page of Google’s YouTube. This one has everything that the user needs to know about the transition. There is likely going to be a lot of events planned for the transition. All of these events that were planned for Hangouts is going to be transferred over to YouTube Live. Google has also made sure that the users know how they are going to be able to handle their accounts and streaming after the transition. Therefore, users who take the time now to prepare will not be lost when the day comes.

So far, this is one thing that Google is doing that is satisfying the users. They are letting people know ahead of time that they are planning on making some huge changes. They are also telling them what they can do to adapt to these changes so that they don’t run into problems.

Hangouts on Air is a service that started in 2012. This made it easier for people to do live streaming. In 2013, YouTube live was invented and brought to the public so that the could take advantage of their events and streaming. YouTube has seen a lot of developments thanks to Google. YouTube has become the internet equivalent of television. As a matter of fact, the internet has become formidable competition to television.