Colorful Dreaming With Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

How does a big dream begin? For Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, her dream began with color, she experimented with lots of unusual makeup colors and textures. She built her company on the bet that women wanted the freedom to wear gorgeous, outrageous colors and purchase them conveniently online at prices that didn’t break the budget. Ms. Deere is an animal activist so naturally, her products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


Doe Deere’s approach to makeup is different. In her opinion, makeup is not just something to use to disguise flaws, it’s a playful artistic expression.

Why settle for boring when you can stand out and be fabulous? And stand out she does, as she often sports pink, purple or blue tinted hair and wears makeup colors that formerly only existed in dreams. The Venus Eye palette collection features shades like “shell” pink to “mustard” and “brick” brown. Lime Crime lipsticks includes colors with names like “psycho” and “blood moon”. For those who dare to go as far as candy color hair, Lime Crime also offers shades of pink, blue, green and purple “Unicorn” hair tints.


One hundred years ago, the idea of wearing flame red lipstick was taboo. Makeup trends have come and gone, from the glamour days of the thirties and forties to the “no makeup” makeup looks of the sixties and seventies. Since the millennium, bold colors have made a comeback and are not going out of style anytime soon. On the Lime Crime website, and Instagram page (which has over two million followers), fans of her products post selfies of the unique looks they create using Lime Crime products.


In a recent interview featured on Guest of a Guest,, Ms. Deere, born Xenia Vorotova in Russia, shared how, like many young girls, she loved to experiment with her mother’s makeup kit. This creative spark, combined with an ambition to be her own boss, helped her achieve her dream and she encourages others to follow their passions and dare to be different. Doe Deere, now a resident of Los Angeles, is also a musician and has collaborated with her husband writing and playing music during her years in New York City before starting her cosmetics company. One look at the photos of Ms. Deere modeling her products shows how much fun colorful dreaming can be. Learn more:

Doe Deere Advises on How to Attain Your Dreams

Doe Deere is the brain behind the cosmetic brand known as Lime Crime. The lady, who also goes by the name Queen of Unicorns, is very passionate about makeup and colorful things. Her success story is a source of encouragement to many people who now believe that you can make it in life no matter where you come from. Here is an interview that will help you understand her success story better.

Her Childhood

Doe was born and raised in Russia until she was 17 years old when she relocated to the U.S. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Doe says that from a young age, she knew she was very determined and inventive. As a child, she always wanted to be a singing sensation, something she did when she moved to the U.S.

Deere says that she has learned how to be more appreciative of both the little and big things in life as a musician. She does not take for granted how people come to her concerts and events. She started out in the music industry then diverted to make-up, a thing she absolutely loves.

Her Advice to Young and Ambitious Women

Doe believes that the most important thing to do is follow what your heart wants. She also believes that every person has something that sets them apart from others, and this is what everyone should look for and use it to generate income. Once you do what your heart wants, you will always enjoy working. It becomes easy to reach your goals once you do what you want.

Her Understanding of Make-up

Doe Deere says that doing make-up is a way for her to be herself. She hopes that the same goes for other women, that they feel comfortable wearing make-up without the fear of being judged. Doe, who also has a background in fashion, believes that fashion and make-up are complements. She believes that whatever you wear communicates a lot about you. Therefore, it is important to be comfortable in your clothes, make-up and hair.

Her Biggest Challenge

Back in 2014, Doe says that they had a security breach. Cyber thieves hacked her website and stole some of her clients’ information. To date, Doe feels responsible for the hacking even if it was not the result of negligence. The hardest thing she had to do was regain her clients’ trust. After the hacking, she and her team dedicated a lot of their time educating their clients. She came up with a good FAQ section, an active email account and call center. She also hired more customer care representatives to help in responding to inquiries on social media ( She did all these things to ensure that her clients and potential clients get instant feedback to any questions. She, however, say that, though awful, what happened taught her a lot. She has now handled the issue and hopes that nothing like that happens again. Her priority is to ensure that her clients get what they want without fear that their information will leak out.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere, “Queen of Unicorns,” is known for publicly sharing her love and passion for makeup with her famous makeup brand, Lime Crime. Her life began in Russia where she grew up until she moved to the United States when she was just 17 years old. For many years she lived in New York City but now calls Los Angeles her home. Learn more:

Having a makeup line someday wasn’t the only dream Doe Deere had, while living in New York City she was actually a musician in a band which is how she met her husband. While being a musician she learned a lot that helped her in her future career with makeup. Her career in music taught her a lot about marketing and being grateful and appreciative of the people who support your work. She lived in New York for 14 years, Brooklyn being her stomping ground since she lived there for 9 of those years.

Doe was very inspired by bright and unique colors when the makeup industry was still very focused on more natural looks. She wanted to inspire others to express themselves and have freedom without judgement. Makeup, fashion, and hair are things that Doe believes can represent who you are. By being creative with unusual and bold colors, people can express who they really are by their unique style. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 and was one of the first cosmetic brands to focus on e-commerce. She strongly believes in creativity and following your heart.

Having unconventional hair colors like purple, pink or blue is something Doe believes should be more acceptable in schools and in the workplace. Most of the employees at Lime Crime have bright and unique hair colors achieved by Unicorn Hair, the line of semi-permanent hair dye that Lime Crime has recently launched.

Doe Deere believes that listening to others and keeping an open mind is one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur. She also expresses the importance of following your your heart and intuition when growing and helping your business, staying true to yourself will always get you to where you want to be. Learn more:

Doe Deere Helps Underprivilaged Cats Through New Program

Lime Crime, the cosmetics company which is owned by Doe Deere made an announcement in May 2017 regarding a new promotion that would be ran to help local organizations in Los Angeles which helps bring in cats from the streets which have been abandoned and found on the street. The organization helps to rehabilitate cats and teach them the important things they need to know in order to be successful in homes prior to being adopted.


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company which is completely vegan-free. None of their products are tested on animals. Because of her love for animals, that is why Doe decided to help support local organizations. Kitty Bundles is going to be helped through the sales of Lime Crime cosmetics. There are a number of Kitty Bundles to select from and each one of them contain fun items which customers have shown in the past to love.


The MEOW Kitty Bundle includes the Cheap Thrill and Diamond Crushers.

POUNCE Kitty Bundle includes lipsticks from the Unicorn and Pom Pom selection.

PURR Kitty Bundle will include the Metallic Matte Velvetines which offer Lana and Happi selections.

BITE Kitty Bundle features the Velvetines Fetish and Polly.


All of the colors in the bundles are bright and bold. It allows women to showcase their individuality while choosing makeup that fits their needs and wants. The bundles include everything from eyeshadow to lipsticks. If interested in the bundles, Lime Crime offers the bundles to its customers.


The local nonprofit Kitty Bungalow is like a charm school but for cats. It was founded by Headmistress Simons which discovered a number of cats which were living in the 100 year old home she owned. These cats were unneutered and spayed and continued to have kittens. Before the cats and kittens are released into homes, they are taught the proper things needed to survive in their new homes. Before cats are released into new homes, they must first pass the test to show that they are ready to be adopted. They are taught how to use the litter box as well as how to adjust to being held and loved. All cats must pass this test prior to being adopted.


Headmistress Simons has helped a large number of cats find homes that otherwise would still be living on the street without her help. Once she found that she could help, she decided to open a business to help the cats relocate into homes.


Betsy DeVos; a leader, innovator, and advocate

She is a proven leader, advocate, innovator, and philanthropist. Through her different works in the political realm, Betsy has created a reputation among her colleagues as a strong woman and a force to reckon with.

She is the chairwoman of the privately held investment firm the Windquest Group based in Michigan. This is a firm that has holdings in manufacturing and technology

It is, however, her work in politics that put her in the limelight. Betsy DeVos has this position soon to advance her different causes. She was the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party between 1996 and 2000. She later resigned and sought a reelection as a chairwoman in 2003 and won without any opposition. She has served on different leadership roles and political committees. However, today she has focused her efforts in dealing with the education sector.

Non-Profit work

She has been involved in different charity works that include;

« The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation; this was founded in 1989. It is focused on supporting education, community, justice and arts.

« Kennedy Center; Betsy was appointed to the board of directors of the Kennedy Center by the former President George W Bush. She served since 2004 until 2010. She also donated funds to support the arts

« ArtPrize; this is an international competition that is designed to support the artists. It was founded in 2009.

Education activist

There is no one in history that has fought for the education sector in the United States like Betsy DeVos. She first started the school choice project. She believes that the education system should be left to the profit schools. Because the school system is a monopoly, she believes that it should be opened. This will give the parents a choice when it comes to the schools.

Betsy DeVos has also been advocating for the school vouchers. She believes that students should be allowed to attend private schools with the public school funding. Other projects that she has been involved in include;

« Detroit charter school

« Grading system

She is so passionate about the education sector that she has started the Betsy and Dick DeVos scholarship. This is an annual scholarship that is given to the students earning Bachelor of Business Administration from the Northwood University.

She is on the board of directors of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. This is a foundation that was geared to help all children achieve their potential.

In November 2016, she as nominated by President Donald Trump as the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is awaiting her confirmation. In my opinion, she is the perfect person for the job.

Education background

She has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and also in political science from the Calvin College in Michigan. She also attended the Holland Christian High school which is a private school in Michigan.

Malini Saba: Who She Is and What She’s Done

Malini Saba is one of the world’s top investors and philanthropists of South Asian origin, having a beautiful, unending passion for helping and encouraging both women and children in need all over the globe.




Born in Malaysia and raised in Australia, Malini Saba was brought up in a middle class household and had always contained a pure heart of giving. Now the founder and chairman of Saban Group of Industries, a private investment firm specializing in multiple industries, Malini has come a long way from having nothing more than $200 in her pocket when she first moved to the United States at the young age of nineteen.


The start of Saba’s career as a successful investor began as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist during the 1990’s. For 15 years Malini Saba has been investing in the future of women and children around the world, donating over a million dollars and time after time showing how selflessly she gives and how passionate she is about it.


Voted entrepreneur of the year by the business women network, philanthropist of the year, an ambassador of peace and even holding the “Mother Theresa Award“, Saba is setting an example to women everywhere that they are the future, and that they can make a difference no matter where they came from. Saba believes strongly that women are the future, and preaches the crucial importance of good relationships between women.






In 2001, Malini founded “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” a non-profit organization aimed at completely changing the way low income and “at-risk” women and children from all over the globe view themselves and their roles in society, and has been successfully doing so for a whole fifteen years.


Inaugurated by former US President Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor, Stree provides an accessible means for women to access healthcare and legal empowerment. In addition to these things, Stree provides a forum for grassroots movements to connect with public policy in places such as Africa, Central America, India and Eastern Europe.


As well as helping, empowering, and encouraging women, Stree  supports children across the developing world by providing them with healthcare, educational opportunities, and a safe place to live. Saba believes that children, just as much as women, are the future.. no matter what part of the world in which they reside, or what kind of background they are rising from.

Susan McGalla And Her Success In the Fashion Industry

Susan McGalla is perhaps someone that many people should look to as an example of success on For one thing, people are more able to identify with her because she is willing to work in her field. One thing that is very helpful to her success is that she is very passionate about the work she does. For one thing, her passion fuels her creativity. Because of her passion and enjoyment for what she does, McGalla has brought greater success to fashion retailer companies. As a result, they have seen a lot of expansion in not only their locations, but their addition of new lines of clothing.

Among the companies Susan has worked for and expanded with her ideas is American Eagle Outfitters. Her ideas have brought forth a lot of expansion to the company. One of the ways that she has attracted sales to the company that she has worked for was by showcasing some of the outfits that were being sold by the company. This has not only captured the imagination of some people, but has also gained the curiosity of people. As a result, they have discovered plenty of good outfits that they could enjoy. This has also resulted in them buying the outfits.

Read more: Susan McGalla Gives Advice for Women to Achieve Future Success

McGalla’s success and creativity has brought forth a business of her own. One thing that she is good at that made it easier for her to start her own company called P3 Executive Consulting where she deals with the Pittsburgh Steelers. She markets and sales the apparel of the team. This allows fans to become closer to their favorite team.

One thing that can be said for Susan McGalla is that she has a great work ethic on This is what takes her far. She understands that in order to be successful, she has to be willing to do the work needed to get the results that she wants. However, she does more than work, she actually contributes ideas on that will bring forth more growth to any company that she works for. Her work ethic and ability to get along with all types of people is what makes her approachable and trustworthy.

Helane Morrison Readies for SEC Survey Along with Fellow Chief Compliance Officer

In the last one year, there have been accusations and counter-accusations between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Chief Operations Officers representatives. These arise from the recent cases brought about by SEC against individual CCOs for actions committed in the course of their work. I see a growing rift between the SEC and the CCOs that if not tamed can scare away qualified persons from taking over these positions.

On one hand, SEC is bent on adopting a raft of measures in its regulation roles while on the other are CCO groups complaining of witch-hunt from the commission. The groups are especially worried that the rules being proposed by the SEC are intimidating and that it is wrong to charge a CCO individually for mere negligence in the course of their work. By instituting charges and fines against individual CCOs, the groups argue that the commission will only be instituting fear and demoralizing these workers.

Distancing itself from the matter, SEC argues that no new regulations are being put in place insisting that it is only tightening the noose on already existing laws. I also sense impartiality with the body and concur with it when it rules out witch-hunt from its operations. This is informed by the fact that since 2003, the SEC has instituted more than 8,000 cases against fund management firms all of which fall within its mandate. Of these, only five have been against individual CCOs.

The commission further proves that the cases brought forward against the individual officers have been due to complete irregularity or gross negligence. This means that their actions or inactions put the investors’ funds at risk. For instance, Bartholomew, the CCO of BlackRocksAdvisers LLC was charged and fined $60,000 for failing to disclose the portfolio managers outside business interests to the company Directors and clients. Helena Morrison is one of the CCOs to be affected by these strict measures.

About Helane Morrison

Helane is the current Chief Compliance Officer and managing director of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also serves as the general counsel for the company as well serving as a member of the company’s executive committee. Helane graduated with a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University but later proceeded and pursued law from the University of California.

She has worked in various national and private firms including serving as a clerk for a Supreme Court judge. She also served as the SEC San-Francisco regional coordinator for close to 10 years. This is the expertise both in law and finance that made her a perfect choice for Hall Capital Partnership position. Her hard-hitting honesty and passion for seeking out the truth has made her an excellent compliance officer as she is relentless in her pursuit of integrity.