Discover Napa Valley With Traveling Vineyards’ Wine Guides

People who love discovering what different regions have to offer will enjoy exploring Napa Valley. It’s not only the home of great California wines, it’s also the home of some very unique, educational, relaxing and luxurious venues.

Take a tour with Traveling Vineyard and discover all the fascinating aspects of Napa Valley. Definitely take the time to enjoy the wide variety of wines produced by the region, but expand your exploration to include every jewel the region has to offer.


The Napa Art Walk is a wonderful stroll through an expedition of exceptional sculptures. Artists from all over the United States display their creative works that are also for sale. You can own the beautiful pieces and make them a featured piece in your landscape or inside your home.


Napa Valley grows more than just grapes, they also produce some of the best quality olives in the world. Round Pond Estates uses Old-World methods to cure and process their olive harvests. Take a guided tour of the complete process and then take home one of their delicious traditional olive oils or one of their spice flavored craft oils. From there you might want to improve your culinary skills at the Silverado Cooking School. Your instructor will be the renowned Chef Malcolm de Sieyes. He will instruct you on basic food preparation all the way through advanced cooking techniques.

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After the exhaustion of shopping and cooking, relax at the Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch resorts. Indulge yourself by relaxing in one if the natural hot springs for which the area is famous. Enjoy the luxury of a therapeutic massage followed by a mineral-rich mud bath. Don’t simply relax; take advantage of the many fun things to do: hiking, yoga, biking, balloon rides and painting lessons. End the evening at the Lakeshore Restaurant celebrating great foods through the use of local organic, seasonal ingredients and the pairings of innovative food and great Napa Valley wines.


Visit the Napa Valley Historical Society and tour the collections of Napa’s early days. Hear lectures that educate about the unique history of the region. After an indoor discovery, go outside and take in the scenery of the area starting with a climb up Mount St. Helena at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Carry a well stocked bag filled with water, sun screen and snacks for your day of touring the majestic scenery this park so generously provides.

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales winery out of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Traveling Vineyard wine guides host free in-home wine tastings educating the consumer about the available wines and wine classes. With over 5,000 wine guides in 40 states, the consumer is gaining an impressive education about wine and food pairings so that consumption of the liquid nectar is steadily climbing to new heights.

UKV PLC Cares About Their Suppliers And Customers

UKV PLC Vineyards is a wine broker located in Croyden, United Kingdom. They sell five different types of wine. UKV PLC employs 50 employees. Their aim is to give their customers the best wines produced from vineyards in France, Italy, and Spain.

UKV PLCV Vineyards is a wine consulting company that has access to all the fine wines in the country. This company has many consultants who are willing to help their customers get the right wine for the right occasion. A consultant is willing to personally contact the customer to give them that extra touch of personal service. UKV PLVC can send a consultant out to visit a customer in his own location or the customer is perfectly welcome to visit UKV PLVC in person.

UKV PLC has a Facebook page and a Twitter page that not only displays their wines, they also supply some tips that include the health benefits of drinking wine and wine tasting events. UKV also shares descriptions of the types of wine various vineyards are producing to help their customers make up their minds what type to buy. On this Facebook page, UKV has tips for winemakers that include how to properly build a wine cellar.

The best reasons to buy from UKV PLC are because it is a privately owned supply company that has no ties and therefore, they are in no way limited in the ways they can please their customers. They work a large network of brokers to find the unusually and commonly sought after wine the worldwide. UKV PLC makes sure that the wine they sell is secure and very safe to drink. These are the best reasons to consider purchasing wine from UKV PLC.

The Companies That Create A Paradise on Earth for UK Wine Lovers

Since professional vine planting in the UK was inspired by the setting up of a large Hambledon vineyard in Hampshire in1951, the wine production industry has seen a tremendous growth. From 1976 up to 1995, there was an incredible number of vineyards with a corresponding increase of the wines available in the market. At the same time, wine producers began to adopt more scientific methods of vine planting and wine production. Today, English wine is the most sought after the world over with emergence of large wine UK Vintners as dealers, such as Merchant Vintners (

Treasury Wine Estates

One of the company’s most prominent brands is Lindeman which is based in Middlesex. It has a long and impressive history of exquisitely satisfying the taste buds of many wine lovers and has made an indelible mark in 22 countries. It is the creation of Dr. Lindeman who began his career in a Hunter Valley vine yard. It has been rated as the best-selling wine brand in the Netherlands, Canada, Norway and Sweden.

Concha y Toro

Although based in Santiago, Chile, the company has made a name in the UK market courtesy of its wine brand, Casillerodel Diablo which has claimed a place among the 10 best-selling wines in the UK. In addition, Cabernet Sauvignon made its way to the top of the best-selling grape variety expression after its sales rose by 60% in 2013. The company announced a US$ million investment plan for building of a Maule-based research and innovation centre in consideration of the abundance of water in the Chilean south.


E & J Gallo Winery

The wine company has its headquarters in the US and the weight of its big name is mainly carried by its Barefoot brand. Although it retains a top position in the American market, wine lovers in the UK cannot afford to resist its fruity flavor in the Crisp Red, Crisp White and Perfectly Pink expressions. Barefoot has, in fact, touched the taste buds of wine lovers all over the world, which has been evidenced by its claiming the title of the global best-selling wine brand in the bottled category. It remains the most favorite wine brand in UK’s Pinot Grigio.

Named after the mother company, Gallo is another wine brand that has conquered the taste buds of many wine consumers, especially Millenials, with a variety of flavors including passion fruit, pineapple as well as raspberry and lime. As evidence of its seriousness in making headway into the youthful market, it has invested millions of pounds on its marketing campaign. The effort has obviously paid off since the craze for the range of products in the Gallo brand does not show any sign of losing its momentum soon.

Accolade Wines

The company’s home is in Australia and has the Hardy brand as one of its most popular brands. However, Accolade Wines’ owner has launched a vigorous marketing campaign that has made a great impression on UK consumers. In 2014, the Hardy brand struck a deal with the England and Wales Cricket Board in which it committed to offer sponsorship. Its UK customers also had a reason to remain loyal to it after it offered them exclusive access to top quality, mature wines.

Bottom Line

Wine production and selling in the UK has a highly competitive wine industry (UK Wine Market: The Facts). In addition, the biggest part of the wine-loving population is not likely to forgive anyone who goes below the standards with no exception to wine dealers including UK Vintners. Everyone is, therefore, working around the clock to provide a better flavor and the most appealing taste while still retaining the old culture that hold so much value in the wine circles. With so many excellent wine makers in the market, wine dealerships such as UK Vintners (UKV PLC) are the best bet in doing justice to the taste buds of wine consumers all over the world by delivering the most prestigious products of the best vineyards in Italy, Spain and France.

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