Windward Opens a Campus in Manattan

Windward recently installed a new campus in Manhattan. John J. Russell is head of all campuses of Windward, an innovative school founded and headquartered in White Plains, New York that aims at helping learning disabled children with dyslexia and language based impairments learn to learn. The campus in White Plains is its founding campus. With the growing yearly enrollment and rising demand throughout the state, it came to be recognized that more campuses were necessary. It has since opened another one in White Plains and the and a campus in Manhattan (which opened up this very year). He goal of these schools is to help them learn to learn so they can return to their mainstream schools.

The learning regimen here involves first writing words in the air, writing it on paper, reading them from a book or the classroom board, and even shaping the words out of clay. It then involves connecting these words to images. The simple techniques of the school have met with wild success. Parents of attending children are frequently pleased, reporting that a child who could barely read less than a year ago, can now do so with ease. Russell says about a third of those enrolled every year are among those who can barely read and score way below the average on standardized tests.

Many of these same students attended Wayward and return to their schools to start scoring top grades. Tuition is expensive at $54,200 with financial aid available. All new teachers at the institution no matter how experienced and knowledgeable are required to go through an intense training process that involves much study of learning disabilities and working with a master teacher for two years. One of the many things they will learn is that in order to help a child with a learning disabilities, you have to help them adjust the way their brain processes learning.
Although there are other learning disability institutions throughout the country, Windward is reputedly the best of them.

Windward is also opening a third campus, to be located in New York City. This campus will open in a splendid new space on East 93rd Street in 2016 and will enable Windward to provide its unique instructional program to even more children in need of its services.