Securus Would Win The Telecommunications Competition Easily With Video Visitation

I thought this was a capitalist country. Capitalism is the idea that the best product or service will rise to the top. Inferior products or service will fail and fold. It is a simple concept that has given us the most powerful economy on planet earth. Not only do we have the most powerful economy, we have the best products in the world.


Unfortunately, capitalism is thrown right out of the window with our criminal justice system. Just take a look at telecommunications services within our prisons and jails. Those prisoners do not have a choice of companies. They cannot choose the best services for themselves and this create a lot of problems.


One of the problems is a telecommunications company called Global Tel-Link. They invest absolutely none of their $500 million per year into their staff or their customer service. They provide a terrible telephone call that often drops and is difficult to hear. It is a company that should be destroyed by the tenants of capitalism.


Then there is Securus Technologies. This company brings their a game. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and carry an A+ rating. They have stellar customer service and they give the prisoners the best technologies. One of these technologies is video visitation.


Video visitation takes telecommunications with an inmate to the next level. The software also helps law enforcement by alleviating congestion for physical visitation days. It works a lot like a video chat, it is done all through their website, and it only costs a few dollars per visit.


Unfortunately, these companies work with government contracts. The contract makes them the sole provider of telecommunications services to a particular facility. That’s where the competition goes out the window. We need to push our local representatives into embracing more competition so that companies like Securus can win.


Securus Gives Prisons an Upgrade

The concept of video visitation is becoming a lot more popular now that this technology is available through smart devices. I can remember watching the Jetsons and thinking that this concept of video phones would never be a reality, but the future is finally here. People that are looking for the opportunity to visit with family that is in jail will have the ability to communicate with family this way thanks to Securus Technologies.

I know that this is the way for correctional facilities to go. The government will actually have a better time with getting inmates out because the inmates will have hope. They will see all that they are missing on the outside and try hard to get good behavior early releases. They will become a lot less likely to get in trouble because there is a means of inmate communication that actually allows them to see what the wonderful outside world that they are missing is like.

When people visit the prison all that they bring is themselves. This is encouraging, but the inmate is still inside the prison. He cannot see anything other than the prison. What the video visitation Securus app does is allow prisoners to see things that they may miss in the outside world. That is how I use the video visitation to keep my friend encouraged during his time behind bars. I go and do the video visitation in the park. I show him what he is missing on the outside world. I encourage him to stay out of trouble and try to get the sentence shortened with good behavior. This is something that works better for him, and it also works out a lot better for me as well.

Securus Technologies video systems are the one piece of technology that seems to force correctional facilities to update in some type of way. The government has done a terrible job in general with staying abreast of technology in prisons because so much focus is placed on the guarding of the prisoners. Securus Technologies is the company that can help reduce the operating costs for a prison system. This is a company that has the ability to help keep families connected to their friends and loved ones that have went away to prison. For me it has made life a whole lot easier, and I certainly do enjoy this type of connection with those inside. Securus has a really good product. Read more about their business on their website: