Norka Luque – Delivering Message of Love and Hope Through Music

Norka Martinez Luque is an upcoming Latin singer who recently gained international fame through her beautiful voice and powerful messages of hope. Unlike most singers, Norka’s success is an uphill battle to gain fortune. The attractive Venezuelan artists went through difficult times during her career; however, she continued to believe in her ability to sing beautiful thematic songs of hope and struggle, which also symbolize Norka’s own life.

Since her childhood, Norka got full support from her family who allowed her to learn arts such as music, composition, dance and flamenco. As Norka continued to blossom in the arts, she also perused professional education. In a pursuit to gain additional opportunities, Norka completed here Bachelor’s in Business Administration from France. Beside, she also got education in fashion, marketing and culinary arts.

According to her Linkedin profile, Norka continued to follow her dream by joining a local band. Perhaps, it was her vigor and energy that brought her in the limelight when Emilio Estefan Jr. inducted her for his musicals. According to Norka, Emilio acknowledged that Norka wanted to deliver the message of hope to the public by incorporating her own experiences in life. Accordingly, Emilio encouraged Norka to continue working on musicals that would inspire others to appreciate simple things in life.

The first major break for Norka is the promotion of the popular theme song, MILAGRO, promoted through El Cata. MILARGO is produced by Emilio and overseen by such talented artists including Hermanos Gaitan, Archie Pena and Luigi Geraldo. Already. MILARGO has become an instant hit in many countries including Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the United States. It is also included in the prestigious Latin Music Billboard. Actually, the song is a mix of Reggae, Mediterranean traces and Caribbean sounds making it an instant hit in multi-cultural communities. Perhaps, the true fame of MILAGRO is the theme of hope and love that has made it famous around the world.

In a recent statement regarding the success of MILARGO, Norka claimed that she wanted to express her own feelings through the song. She acknowledged that her team wanted to give the message of hope to inspire others who are facing various crisis in the life. As such, Norka wants her fans to know that they should never lose hope and continue to work hard to achieve their dreams. Overall, the message of MILARGO and Norka is to transmit love, hope and dream inspiring others to achieve the impossible.