How USHEALTH Group Earned a Name for Itself in the Health Insurance Marketplace

With its head office in Fort Worth, TX, USHEALTH Group has always been on a mission of providing people with diverse insurance plans. This mission is fostered through the company’s world-renowned subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include National Foundation Life Insurance, USHEALTH Advisors, and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH’s insurance solutions cover disabilities, specified disease or sickness, life, and accident. They can be sought by small business owners, employees, families, and self-employed people.

Subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group operate based on the fact that consumers have different tastes and preferences. They also understand that every consumer is unique. Along these lines, the subsidiaries have a shared vision of providing people with affordable solutions to meet their unique individual needs. Through this strategy, USHEALTH Group managed to rank among America’s elite companies. In 2013, the group also secured a spot in the Top 50 North American Call Center list. The group earned an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.


USHEALTH’s products are uniquely designed to meet the demands and needs of every client. USHEALTH Group understands that clients have different preferences when it comes to seeking insurance covers. Together with its subsidiaries, the group created a wide range of coverage geared towards promoting customer choice. Through innovation in product design, the group’s subsidiaries are uniquely qualified to address clients’ needs. These subsidiaries understand that customers need reliable, affordable, and flexible coverages.

USHEALTH’s line of products includes Term Life Insurance, Vision, Dental, and Income Protector plans. Customers can also seek Short-Term Accident Disability Income, Accident, and Specified Disease/Sickness plans. The health insurance marketplace is currently witnessing low customer loyalty and high customer turnover. This is the reason why USHEALTH’s subsidiaries are strengthening their bonds with customers through innovative coverages. These efforts help in maintaining the reputation of USHEALTH Group.


Individuals, small business owners, and families rely on USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors for their coverage needs. USHEALTH Advisors is known for being a global leader in customer care, innovation, and business growth. It operates as a fully-owned subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. Its mandate is to push USHEALTH’s insurance coverages to clients. USHEALTH Advisors carries out this mandate through trained, certified and authorized agents.