Becoming A Vintner in the United Kingdom

Becoming a vintner is a labor of love that takes dedication and a training. Vintners work closely with viticulturists. Viticulturists are the people who grow the grapes. Becoming a vintner requires physical fitness and stamina. It is a job that involves much physical labor as well as mental planning. Vintners make their decisions about the harvesting and crushing of graves as it pertains to wine making. Work takes place indoors and outdoors.

The requirements of the job fall outside the template of a typical work week. This is especially true during the harvesting season. Vintners in the United Kingdom must be prepared to invest the effort needed in order to produce a quality product in a timely fashion. The skill of winemaking requires a specific education. Lessons are generally learned on the job. Internships are available to train prospects on the ways of grape cultivation, enology and viticulture. A degree is required to officially enter the business of winemaking.

The United Kingdom boasts a thriving wine making community. The cool weather throughout most of the country allows for a longer harvesting season. Many UK wineries have won awards internationally for its level of product. There are thousands of hectares with over 700 Vineyards and 130 wineries. The Society of Vintners is an organization of winemakers. It is comprised of 25 companies. The winemakers teamed together and pooled their ideas in order to create an elevated level of competitiveness.

This type of camaraderie allows each of these creative UK vintners to produce the highest quality of wine in the region. The association also works together to control pricing and the fair trade of resources. The Society of Vintners holds business interest in Italy, France, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Australia, California and Portugal.

There are many well known wine making companies in the United Kingdom. The region prides itself on producing the highest quality of wine in the world. Vintners obtain a degree in viticulture. They then go on to become entrepreneurs or work in some of the best wineries in all of Europe.

Some of the top wine making companies include Albany Vintners Limited, Baron Wines, UK Vintners and Fine Wines Limited.