Honey Birdette Knows What Their Customers Desire

An Australian invasion is making its way to the UK in an elegant and provocative way. The high-end Australian lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, is making big moves in the industry. They recently announced their plans to expand their retail market in the UK from 3 stores to 40 by 2018. Along with the traditional brick and mortar stores, Honey Birdette also launched an e-commerce site dedicated to the US market.
During the last 12 months, the brand has seen a significant increase from the US market in their online sales, more than 370% from the previous time frame. That kind of positive increase was the motivation the company needed to delve into the US e-commerce share. Their platform is dedicated to consumer experience and ease of use along with an expanded product line just for the US buyers.

Honey Birdette’s true marketing success comes from their luxury boutiques. The brands store fronts are peppered all over Australia, boasting 55 national locations. They expanded to the UK last year with their current locations in London’s Covent Gardens, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City.
Founded in 2006, the Honey Birdette brand set out to be a luxury lingerie boutique that offered a variety of sensual items for a persons boudoir. They specialize in intimate apparel that focuses on empowering the desires of women. They have focused on making sure their brand is not just another under garment retailer, but a brand of seduction and endorsement of how a women wants to feel.
With the amazing growth and expansion that has occurred for the company in the last 15 years, they are focusing and new directions to go with their creativity and market place. As they expand their e-commerce offerings to the US and make themselves more accessible to their fans in the UK, the future for Honey Birdette looks bright.

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How is Avaaz funded and why is it funded that way?

The online activist network Avaaz has been around since 2007. Two years after it was founded, its founders decided to change the way the organization was funded. A way that is still in existence today.

How is Avaaz funded and why is it funded that way? That is where it becomes interesting.

How did Avaaz used to be funded? — When Avaaz was first founded, it needed money to get it to the size it is today, and to give it the power to be able to effect social change. It did this by accepting donations from anyone who wanted to donate. That included individuals around the world, but it also included corporations and governmental organizations.

How is Avaaz funded nowadays? — In 2009, Avaaz founders decided their methods of fundraising needed to change. After all, when an organization accepts money from corporations and governmental agencies, they often discover that money comes with strings attached.

For an organization like Avaaz, being told what to do by the management of corporations donating to the organization, or being advised to ignore issues by governmental officials became impossible to accept.

That is when they decided to limit all donations to those only coming from individuals, and limiting the amount one person could donate to just $5,000. This meant no one person could have too much influence over Avaaz, or the issues it chooses to fight for.

How successful has Avaaz been in fundraising since 2009? Since Avaaz changed its fundraising rules, it has continued to be more and more successful.

In the past few years, the organization has been able to raise more then $20 million. Money that goes towards not only paying for the administration of the organization, but also for media campaigns, protests and even money that is passed on to other organizations that Avaaz feels can do a better job with an issue than they can.

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Avaaz And Their Goals

Based in the United States Avaaz is a civic organization. This civic organization encourages activism on critical issues including civic rights, climate change, animal rights, poverty, human rights and other issues. Founded in 2007, Avaaz is one of the biggest online activist network.


Avaaz.org was founded in 2007 by Res Publica (a group of professionals who promotes civic virtue and good governance), Moveon.org (an advocacy group that is non-profit), and Service Employees International Union. There were also a few individuals involved in the forming of Avass.org. These individuals include Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Tom Perriello, Andrea Woodhouse, and Jeremy Heimans.

What They Do

While Avaaz is based in the United States their campaigns ranch world-wide. They have teams in over 30 countries that help to get campaigns started and people aware of the issues they are fighting against. Some of their tactics to get their issues heard and people to join their cause are online petitions and videos. They also stage media-friendly stunts, sit-ins, as well as phone-ins.


Avaaz has the goal to transform the world into a place most people want it to become. They want to tear down the walls in countries that have but up blocks. To open up communication between people. To resolve issues that are unethical and harmful to people and animals. They wish to create more global support for refugees. They want to give voices to people who are usually silenced and provide tools to get their voices heard on a global level.

Avaaz continues to strive to accomplish change wherever it is needed. They are currently working on many issues ranging from animal rights to human rights. Avaaz encourages people to get involved in any way they can. Anyone can help create change and Avaaz is determined to do so.

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The Internet Continues To Have Growing Affect On Business

The internet has made it possible for people to connect with one another around the world. Information is shared at an extremely high rate. Individuals are able to access cultures that they could not 20 years ago without physically visiting a certain part of the world. This has led to a type of globalization that affects every business. Markets are wide open. Business owners must be prepared to entertain customers with unique needs and preferences. Experts in online marketing believe that the power of the internet is underrated. Business leaders are barely discovering how online commerce will continue to affect daily operations. Social media is at the forefront of communication. Many businesses are still behind on these platforms. Social media helps build a following that is catered to the interest of a person’s profile. Retailers are discovering that this is an effective method to reaching customers. It does not benefit a company to have a large number of shoppers in their store who are not buying the product. Many online marketing campaigns simulate this. There are professional internet marketers who promise big numbers and are able to create an audience for any website. However, a huge following online does not guarantee sales. It is important for marketers to identify the target and focus their efforts on generating high usage rates with their online profiles. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leaders of social media marketing. There is new technology developing all of the time. Businesses need to focus on the different ways the public learns to communicate. The changes are often subtle and go unnoticed by top executives. Those who are able to spot new trends in their early stages will be able to get out in front of their competition. Smartphones are the most popular tool for online interaction. Building an online presence means that the website and products must work well on the current devices that are being used by the population. A user-friendly program can mean the difference between great sales and a struggling project. Most website building software provide development images for desktop designs and smartphones

Alexandre Gama: Brazilian Advertiser, Businessman and Publicist

Alexandre Gama was born in Rio de Janeriro on June 1, 1958 and is a native of Brazil. Currently Gama is an occupation entrepreneur, as well as the founder and CEO of Neogama Agency, which is in the top 20 of the biggest advertising agencies in Brazil. Gama is the founder of the Neogama Agency as well.

Gama is renowned for being the first Brazilian native to lead a international network of communication agencies as its Global Chief Creative Officer (WCCO) English BBH. This makes him also the sole Brazilian native to be in the Global Creative Board. This group has six creative leaders, who are part of Publicis Groupe, a worldwide holding company.

Gama became the sole Latino American to have a master class, which is an aula magna done by a professional degree in the field, which he accomplished in 2008. This took place at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Plus, he was part of the Council of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies in 2012, and served as someone whose duties included defending and distributing Brazilian communications industry agency interests. Gama was in turn also the foreman of an international jury.

See: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gama_(publicit%C3%A1rio)


White Shark Media And The Purpose For Success

Success is a dream that people have. One thing that influences the possibility of success is the type of help that people have. This is especially the case with business. Many people find that it is a long shot to handle all of the aspects of business by themselves. This is why it is important to have a budget to spend on advertising. Many successful businesses are not done by one person. In many cases, a one man business is only going to earn supplemental income. For one thing, there are a lot of different things that people have to deal with when it comes to running a business.


Fortunately, there is some kind of assistance that people can get. This assistance comes in the form of White Shark Media. This company is an advertising agency that helps people with their campaigns. With the right campaign, not only will the client see increased traffic to his site, but also increased conversions. For one thing, White Shark Media makes sure that every aspect of its advertising is targeted. Not only is the advertising sent to a targeted audience, but it is also targeted to a certain aspect of the business. For instance, the product that is being sold is targeted.


White Shark Media also offers up to date advertising for its clients. If there is any new promotions, then it is important to let people know about it. This will increase the traffic and the sales of the company. Successful companies are always bringing something new to customers.


Business owners also need someone to help them write content. After all, even experts are not always going to have time to add content to their website. Some people live hectic lifestyles that they are struggling to balance. While they are trying to focus on their work, their lives seem to obsessively throw things in their way so that they are stuck having to figure it out. White Shark Media is able to direct customers to the best content provision services. One thing that could be said for White Shark Media is that they have every aspect of business and marketing covered for their clients.

Clay Siegall Joins Board of Mirna Therapeutics

In January of 2013, Mirna Therapeutics, a biotechnology based company announced that Clay Siegall, the co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, would be a new member of its own board of directors. He will be acting as an outside director.

Mirna Therapeutics, founded in 2007 in Austin, Texas, is focused on microRNA in therapeutics and they are currently focusing on cancer research, which Dr. Siegall has a large background in. Dr. Paul Lammers, president and CEO of Mirna wanted someone with a high level of experience and who can help advance their work and is excited to have Siegall join them.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

Clay Siegall co-founded his own company, Seattle Genetics in 1998. Under his direction, he helped create and provide antibody based therapies for cancer patients whose medical needs were not being met. This includes ADCETRIS, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011.

Siegall guided his company’s capital raising activities and has been successful in helping gain more than $675 million through public and private financings. This includes the company’s first public offering in 2001. He also, has over 70 works published and holds 15 patents. He has also, won awards, such as Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences from the University of Maryland in 2013 and Entrepreneur of the Year from Pacific Northwest from Ernest and Young in 2012.

Before he started his company, Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. He went on to attend George Washington University, where he earned his PhD in Genetics. After graduating, he worked with a number of different companies that specialized in cancer research and medicine, including the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute before starting Seattle Genetics.

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Make it Makari for the Ultimate in Perfect Skin Lightening Balance

Women of ethnic complexions often feel left out of the beauty industry, because there aren’t enough choices for skin care that tackle pigmentation issues. Most of us rely on over-the-counter and even prescription items that contain suspect bleaching agents like hydroquinone. Studies show these kinds of chemicals can be harmful and unsafe for the body.

That is why Makari De Suisse has quickly become the world’s leader in skin whitening and brightening products. Their rich formulas are based on purity and ingredients found in nature that help deliver the ideal, lighter skin tone.

Makari has a wonderful variety of skin care products carefully designed to fade away dark patches, acne, ashy blotches, sun spots and any other discoloration imaginable. Plus, the brand does it safely and effectively with unique formulas in caviar extracts, fruit and plant bases. Makari has been a quality brand manufactured in Switzerland, which is known for its tough and rigid standards when it comes to giving the green light to beauty products.

One of Makari’s best ingredients is their patented Organiclarine, a safe, non-medicated substance found in nature that bleaches and balances the skin tone. It is gentle yet powerful and goes to work fast, with many users seeing results appear in two weeks.

Makari’s Exclusive Toning Milk and Toning Bar Soaps are excellent examples of shin whitening and brightening at its finest. The Organiclarine-enriched formulas are amazing at evening up the skin tone, as well as exfoliating dead skin cells, smoothing skin texture and allowing every inch of you to glow. Shea butter, argan and carrot oils are also blended into this superior formula to help slow down the production of melanin and prevent the darkening of skin. Just use the Exclusives line three times a week, and you will begin to see a dramatic improvement.

Every unique complexion deserves attention and specially designed products to achieve a balanced, smoother and more even skin tone.

Make it Makari, and watch your skin transform and brighten before your eyes.

Another Automaker Suspected of Cheating on Emissions Tests

Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler is suspected of using illegal software, similar to the kind that Volkswagon used, to cheat on emissions tests, according to Business Insider.

The German Federal Motor Vehicle Office (KBA) sent a report to Italian and European authorities alleging that Chrysler-Fiat may be cheating on emissions testing. The KBA launched a sweeping emissions probe after Volkswagen admitted last year that it installed defeat devices on its engines to specifically cheat emissions tests. The KBA found that other automaker’s vehicles had emissions irregularities, as well. Fiat, as well as other major automakers had emissions irregularities.

Fiat is being accused of having its emissions control systems only operate when the automobile starts up. Fiat’s 500X model was tested by the KBA and it was discovered that the emission control system shut down after 22 minutes, just long enough for the emissions tests to run. This time-based cheat can sense how long the car has been running and once emissions tests have had time to run, approximately 22 minutes, the software disables emissions control devices. This causes the dangerous pollutant nitrogen oxide to be released into the air at 10 times or more the permitted level.

Fiat-Chrysler has declined to meet with German authorities, asserting that Italian officials are the only authority that is responsible to determine whether or not their vehicles comply with existing emissions regulations. German officials accuse the automaker of being uncooperative.

Home Alone and Loving It!

Haven’t we all wondered what it would be like to be home alone and loving it? Adam Sender has done just that. His “Pop-Up Exposition” at one of his homes in North Miami Beach, FL houses his first art expo called “Home Alone” featuring his personally owned art that he loves, appreciates, and recently displayed for himself and others to enjoy.

Sender’s Curator, Sarah Aibel, managed this project for him. Adam Sender’s collection of art totals over 1000 pieces of original artwork by such well-known artists as Cindy Sherman, Matthew Barney, Diana Al-Hadid, Jim Lamble, Richard Price and Chris Ofili, to name just a handful of superb artists. The Home Alone exhibit consists of 70 items.

Curator, Sarah, discussed during an interview with the Observer that this exhibit was a little different in planning as the display area is a residence, although empty, it is a little different than you would expect. The display area measured 5,000 square feet of space in a vacant home belonging to the Senders, including closets, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. The exhibit is beautiful and very creative. Sarah selected artwork that worked with each room and added drama to the homes features.
A sample of dramatic exhibition in a residence setting was one of Richard Price’s “Spiritual America” photographs of Brooke Shields, as a child with loads of makeup on as children will do, standing in a bathtub nude. This piece, of course, is hanging on a wall in a bathroom, in the bathtub. Close your eyes and you can visualize this setting. Not provocative for Richard Price, but as usual, extremely controversial as Price’s artistic talents wander. Throughout the home, are other artworks displayed in settings that draw you into exposing the talent of the artist.

The Home Alone exhibit coincided with the 46th Edition of Art Basel Exhibition in June this year. Art Basel is monumental in size, drawing crowds of serious viewers of art. The Basel Exhibition was organized by Jetzer and is a marriage between curators, the fair, and the art dealers bringing awareness to the public that galleries really promote artists and have a responsibility to the artists. Fergus McCaffrey cleverly puts the galleries purpose in perspective saying that the gallery shows the work of artists so its historic value can grow. Put a little more simply by Jack Shainman, ‘If you don’t believe in the work you’re presenting, then you can’t do much for the artist.’ Amen.

Having Adam Sender’s “Home Alone” exhibition during the same period as the Art Basel Exhibition wasn’t competitive, but informative. The stage was set for the dramatic, the futuristic, and contemporary. Possibly “Home Alone 2” is in the works, we can only hope to see and hear more about the huge art collection of Adam Sender.