George Soros explains why the EU should play a lead role in saving Ukraine

George Soros is an international figure. He is famous for his arguments on solutions for the Ukraine to finally achieve stability. George has made use of avenues such as authoring books and writing articles to speak his opinions to the public. He has suggested the need to restore Ukraine’s stability that would result in a greater good. Apart from that, Mr. Soros is the head of two companies and a renowned personality in the financial scene on George has made several amendments and proposals that both the EU and Ukraine should follow to achieve stability.

Mr. Soros has urged to EU to prioritize the current crisis taking place in Ukraine. George urge the EU to solve its problems starting with the one that is most pressing. Ukraine is currently the most impressing issue. He has advised all the EU member states to come together and offer financial support to Ukraine. He has also insisted that if it is possible for Ukraine to get back to its feet and evade large debts. Soros stated that Ukraine needs only one simple financial boost. If not, the downfall of Ukraine is going to result in a threat to the entire Europe. It is going to make Russia even more hostile to other Europe nations.

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To date, Soros has been highly critical of the approach undertaken by the EU to solve the Ukrainian demise. He particularly voices out most of his frustrations towards Germany. The nation plays a major role in leadership within the EU. George Soros has also argued that Germany itself should support Ukraine. He mentions how Germany was rebuilt after World War II through the simple Marshall Plan. He sees an implementation of the same to be highly instrumental in Ukraine.

Soros is in support of creditor nations and investors that want to offer any form of debt relief to Ukraine. In a publication to the New York Times, George Soros expresses his concern stating that the current debt situation is likely going to drag economic growth in the country. A similar experience happened in Latin American in the 1980s and the recent debt crisis of Greece. Any such occurrences should not be seen in any state. As a wise investors, Soros understands why bondholders may be adamant to providing a debt relief to Ukraine. However, he still believes that wise investors should be sympathetic enough. A default for Ukraine is going to cause more trouble for the country.

In another publication in the New York Review of Books, Soros argues his case stating that the current stakes with the Russian president are high. He is likely to assert his dominance in the entire Europe if Ukraine becomes a success. The E.U. and the U.S. recognized this and placed sanctions on Russia. However, the EU still needed to respond immediately to Putin’s attempt to try to weaken Ukraine. There have been huge roadblocks to Ukraine’s economic growth due to rules posed by the European Union. It resulted in a small amount of assistance that Ukraine could receive from member states within the EU.