Visits to Egypt Dive

Egypt used to be a popular destination. Those who have visited this country will agree that its ancient temples, museums, the Nile River cruises, and the Red Sea resorts are amazing attractions. However, since the Arab Spring began in 2010, tourism has dived due to security concerns.

The latest blow to Egyptian tourism comes with the downing of EgyptAir’s flight from Paris to Cairo. Many experts believe it was due to a bomb planted aboard. Even before this incident, the UK Foreign Office issued a warning to the British citizens.

In 2015, the revenue coming from tourism was half of what it used to be, according to BBC News. Many Egyptians depending on tourists- such as taxi drivers, hotel workers, small business owners, tour guides- now see their revenues evaporate. Many have lost jobs amid massive unemployment rates.

The Egyptian authorities are seeking measures to improve security with devices such as CCTV cameras. In addition, sniffer dogs are used and security checks are now routine. This didn’t prevent other incidents such as the stabbing of tourists in Hurghada this January.

Egypt isn’t the only country in the region suffering from terrorist acts. Tunisia has also seen its tourism drop after killings of tourists in a museum and on the beach. Another country in the region, Morocco, is deemed to be safer, yet fewer come as the whole region is becoming increasingly unstable.

Will tourism recover? It is quite unlikely, at least for now.