The Discovery Network And BBC Reveal A Brittle Relationship

The Discovery Network has revealed that it did not want to take away the rights of BBC to broadcast Olympics. According to the agreement by the Olympics Broadcast Committee and the Discovery Network, the company retains the right to show Olympics in the UK without giving rights to BBC to telecast free coverage of the Olympics. In Europe, the Discovery network is represented by Eurosport. Accordingly, the CEO of Eurosport, Peter Hutton revealed that they struck a deal with BBC allowing them to continue to offer free coverage of the Mega-event across the UK and some parts of the Europe.


It should be mentioned here that Discovery Network, the owner of Eurosport, struck a £920 Million deal with BBC to own the rights to Olympics starting from 2022. The deal represents one of the major broadcasting agreements because BBC is historically seen as “Home of the Olympics”. Likewise, millions of audience in the United Kingdom and other European countries are accustomed to watching free Olympics coverage on the BBC. Already, BBC spends extensively on special coverage for the event. In light of the history, Peter Hutton revealed that Discovery allowed BBC to continue its coverage as Discovery did not want bad news floating against its name.


Still, it is interesting to note that Eurosport has gained rights to call it the “Home of Olympics”. In addition, the channel will start displaying the Olympics logo on its screens, moving forward. However, it may continue to partner with BBC providing free coverage to audience across major networks in Sweden, Norway and other countries in Europe. Experts have also cited that Discovery wants to build a harmonious relationship with other channels without threatening anyone.


For instance, BBC also accepted Eurosport appeal to broadcast Wimbledon in the United States and several other European markets. While it is true that BBC did not want to give such rights to other channels, but it had to yield to the demand knowing that it may lose lucrative rights to broadcast Olympics if it does not maintain a friendly environment. Only time will tell if the friendship will remain cordial.