Selling Tech For Business

One of the most lucrative opportunities for aspiring business men is selling technology. Technology is very popular these days among people. One of the most popular pieces of technology to sell are cellphones. Both men and women are into cellphone technology such as smartphones. For one thing, people need phones in order to keep in touch. However, the technology companies were very smart about adding some entertaining and desirable features to the smartphone so that people will be more inclined to use it. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies like Amazon that sell some of the greatest gadgets that people could put to great use.


To go along with smartphones, there are plenty of accessories that one could use in order to make sure that they are able to be more productive. Among the devices that are very useful with smartphones are on-ear headphones. While people could use ear buds, there are some that prefer to have the full sound that could only come with headphones. Therefore, they pay for some of the bigger counterparts so that they can get the full and rich sound that they could enjoy. Businesses like Amazon can sell a lot of innovative products.


One thing that could be said for Amazon is that they have a lot of the best products for people to buy. Among these products are protective cases for laptops and other devices. This is so people can make sure that they are taking good care of their devices. One of the best things about computers and other devices is that it is not just made for entertainment. These devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops combine entertainment with productivity. It shows that they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. For one thing. people can take a break from their work and go to one of their favorite sites in order to watch some of their favorite videos or listen to their favorite music. This is one of the reasons that Amazon has come to be a very successful and trustworthy business.


ClassDojo Receives 21 Million Dollars In Funding For Its Communication App 

Communication is very important in any organization. The need for communication is vital for organizational success both internally and externally. In recent years, technology has become an integral part of communication in many organizations. The use of technology has helped to improve communication in many organizations both large and small.

In schools, technology has made a huge impact on communication within schools. The communication between teachers and administrators is more efficient and productive. The communication between teachers has improved also with the use of technology. However, one area of communication involving schools where technology has not been used significantly is communication between teachers and parents.

There are various reasons why communication has not been used as much regarding teachers and parents. One of the main reasons is that available technology related to teachers and parents has been lacking in comparison to other areas. This situation is changing because companies are starting to address the lack of available technology concerning communication between teachers and parents.

One of the companies that is providing technology to address the communication needs between teachers and parents is ClassDojo. The company has a communication app that is currently being used in over 80,000 schools. The communication app works by allowing teachers and parents to communicate through the app’s communication platform that is utilized by the schools.

When teachers desire or need to communicate with parents, teachers can send messages to parents using the app. Once the messages are sent, parents can read and respond to the messages whenever it is convenient. The use of the communication app by ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis. There is no need to schedule physical in person meetings that have to be made based on schedules and available time slots.

In the past, in person meetings was the only option available for teachers and parents concerning the discussion of students, but technology such as the communication app developed by ClassDojo is providing many schools with viable options other than the traditional teacher and parent student conference.

ClassDojo recently received 21 million dollars in additional funding for its communication app. The money will be used to add various enhancements to the app to offer more features and capabilities for users. The use of the app by schools across the country has been very positive. As more and more schools continue to use the app, the technology will become more widespread in school communities.

Scottsdale’s Jason Hope’s Passion For Philanthropy And Technology

Jason Hope is one of the most talented American entrepreneurs. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope is regarded as a skilled futurist. He has a deep passion for technology. Hope has an extensive understanding and experience in the competitive industry. Jason Hope uses his knowledge about the technology industry to predict about its future.

With the present technology trends, Jason believes that the Internet of Things maybe an integral player in the future of the contemporary society. This is because of the growing number of connected devices around the world. Advancement in technology has seen companies develop various products and services that seek to enhance communication between individuals. His insights and advice about technology have been beneficial to current ventures and individuals that are looking to profit from the same in subsequent years.

Hope was born in Arizona. He was raised in Tempe. Jason Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University. Here, he graduated with a degree in finance. In addition, Hope holds an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. He has developed a keen interest in politics and its relationship with businesses across Arizona and the United States.

Additionally, Jason Hope has supported many philanthropic activities. He donates to education causes and healthcare initiatives. He is affiliated to different organization that engage in community-based activities. In particular, he has become passionate about the kind of work that the SENS Foundation is carrying out. Presently, SENS is involved in anti-aging research that seeks to make people enjoy quality and longer life.

The SENS Foundation is specializing on finding cures for diseases, which wear down the body and makes people to age faster. Unlike traditional medicine that focuses on treating emerging disease, Hope and the SENS Foundation aim to stop the diseases from developing. Through supporting scientific research and issuing grants to students, Jason helps humanity flourish through innovation that challenges the current school of thought so that new grounds will be broken.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. This contribution was meant for supporting the foundation’s work of developing and promoting access to the rejuvenation biotechnologies. In addition, the funds helped the corporation to research and come up with innovative solutions to diseases related to aging. For many years, Hope had an interest in the work of SENS Foundation and that of Dr. Aubrey de Grey. He strongly believes that their work is essential in advancing human medicine. Hope trusts that their approach to the problem of aging in humans and other related diseases will result in viable solutions.

Learn more about Jason Hope’s work here.

Weight Loss And Technology May Not Go Arm and Arm In The Big Apple

How many New Yorkers currently use activity monitors? How many are acheiving posotive results? Dr. John Jakicic representing The University Of Pittsburg’s Department of Health and Psychical Activity…, is an astutely motivated individual who aimed to define the true benefits of activity trackers, specifically, in regard to the efficiency of the technology and the psychology in which it plays on the human mind. According to a diligent amount of research, studies are suggesting that users of activity tracking technology, most commonly attached to the arm or wrist, are experiencing a lack of motivation when completing their daily goals unlike the other group of the research contributors who find themselves reaching weight loss goals without any interference from these tracking devices. The facts align almost symmetrically when viewing the data recorded. Those who wore the armbands average a loss of eight pounds after a two-year period, and those who did not use the armbands, average a loss of thirteen pounds. Dr. John Jakicici was puzzled by this finding and was eager to express himself on the subject that he dedicates everyday exploring. In the name of research, Dr. John Jakicici’s is a true virtue to the world of Health and Psychical Activity. Dr. John speculates the irregularity of the act of using these monitoring technologies may be depressing the very act of activity in general. Perhaps a man who is unhappy with his lifestyle choices in nourishment has fallen into a unmotivated state, and once he checks his activity for the day, his lack of accomplishment pushes him even further down into a more servere state, misery. Apparently, it’s easier to just give up rather than move forward when one is faced with the digital lack of results they’re not even close to positively acquiring. It’s unfortunate that this revelation in technology isn’t having a profound effect similar to the other industries of the world. However, as this information becomes available, it’s rather inspiring if you glance at it from a specific perspective. The most prominent idea here is, health and fitness remains to be an extremely significant fabric of societal wellness, one that human beings should consider only trusting themselves or a registered fitness instructor to keep track of when desiring life enhancing results.

Why We Still Need Web Designers

A decade ago, the professional web designer was in high demand. This was especially true for the experienced web designer. The average person was completely frustrated at the complexity of designing a website with HTML or utilizing Photoshop. However, technology has rapidly changed over the years and some assume that web designers are a dying breed. However, there are others that strongly believe that the need for experienced web designers still remains strong and will live on for well into the future. Here are a few reasons why the web still needs web designers.

Provide Security
The fact is that the average website owner does not have the time to devote to properly maintaining the site. A site that is not properly maintained is very vulnerable to hackers that are able to take advantage of security vulnerabilities on the site and use them to their advantage. a web designer is constantly aware of vulnerabilities on a site and is able to update security issues and secure the site on a continual basis.

Online Branding Skills
Certainly, the web designer is a vital part of online marketing. This professional is responsible for helping to brand a business or website. A professional and experienced web designer knows the way to build high quality pages that resonate in the visitor’s mind.

Web Functions Constantly Changing
The web is constantly changing. Therefore, the new web designer is constantly learning new techniques to improve the ease of navigating a website. New designs are specifically aimed at making the visitors experience more user friendly and pleasant. Therefore, a web designer that is experienced with the new web functions that might involve building mobile friendly sites to building software applications will remain in high demand.

Web Design Is Art
Of course, there are professional skills that must be developed to rise in the ranks of the web designer. Still, web design is basically an art form. Web design contains certain elements like understanding proper backgrounds, fonts, colors, layouts, and the best way to blend them together in an eye-catching way.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Named Product Of The Year By TMC

Recently, Talk Fusion’s cutting edge cross-communication platform was recognized for its exceptional accomplishment in its industry. The Technology Marketing Corporation awarded Talk Fusion’s Video Chat product with the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year. It is the second award that Talk Fusion received this Year from TMC. The award recognizes products as well as services that enable voice, video, and data communications that were introduced to the market. It also honors the products that have been greatly advanced within the past twelve months.

TMC CEO Rich Tehrani noted that it delights him to honor the 2016 Communications Solutions of the Year Award recipients. He acknowledged that they were the true leaders in their sectors and they represented the premier products and solutions in today’s market. Talk Fusion Video Chat enables users to communicate with anyone, anywhere on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. It utilizes the WebRTC technology to allow the users to communicate face-to-face. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat app is on iTunes as well as Google Play stores.

The second recognition is an indication of the steady impetus driving the state-of-the-art cross communication platform since March 2016 when the initial complete version went live. Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina points out that it is just the beginning. Additionally, he notes that the firm’s IT team that is remarkably talented has huge plans for the future. That is for Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution, which is an-all-in-one product.

Ryan Page, Talk Fusion’s chief technical officer views the accomplishment as a step towards a bigger objective. It is an indication on how creative the team is. Additionally, it is a testament on how critical the firm’s processes are in developing a brilliant application. Following the double recognition, Talk Fusion launched free trials, a new website,, and its WebRTC Recorder.

About Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion is technology company created in 2007 by Bob Reina. He is the firm’s CEO. Talk Fusion offers the world’s first full Video Marketing Solution. It is committed to facilitating business increase sales. It is also dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead of competition, boost profits, and retain their clients. Talk Fusion provides ways, which make marketing more memorable, engaging, and persuasive. The firm’s products are available in over 140 countries and are marketed by independent associates. These products and services include Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Sign-Up Forms, and Live Meetings.

More on Talk Fusion:

Snapchats New Approach To Business Marketing

Snapchat is ultimately one of the coolest apps that once had a bad reputation but eventually became social media’s hottest app. With filters and countless options almost daily to update your friends, along with some people becoming internationally famous because of their snaps like the Damn Daniel guys, there is no doubt that Snapchat is the future. With millions of users posting snaps daily to their stories, it’s becoming clearer to businesses and websites that advertising here is an effective way to grow.

When you jump onto Snapchat’s latest new feature which are the updates from DailyMail and Buzzfeed among many other sites, you will come to find that Snapchat is filled with ads. It is not huge in the world of advertising because only a few people are taking advantage of this, but you will come to find that businesses are jumping on this bandwagon. Snapchat is an enthralling new business that can open up the chance to grow and help you succeed by being seen by more and more people.

Snapchat is a very interesting platform because it opens the chance to grow as a marketing professional. It does take time to see progress, but the results are always developing and can definitely happen for those who want global marketing. Snapchat is an ever-growing business that will continuously make an impact on your brand in many ways if you are careful. The key is to utilize their marketing options as much as you can to get the most marketing as possible.

How To Know The Right

In the world of marketing, bloggers have established their name as the primary source of online marketing because of their following on blogging platforms. Their huge followings have proven to the world of advertisers as a place to advertise online. What’s interesting about the world of social media is that publishers, advertisers, and marketing agencies are looking to the new players of the world of the Internet; social media influencers.

These influencers built their following on platforms like YouTube, Vine, YouNow, Musically, among many other famous social networking apps and sites. It has proven through countless research that these entertainers have built a hefty following and quite an engaging audience that can showcase nearly any brand to millions and hoards of people in the course of a few minutes. Whether it’s a startup toy company wanting to reach out to a younger crowd or even a make up brand wanting to reach more growth, there is an influencer who can get your brand seen by the right people.

There area wide variety of people who tend to believe that influencers do not have the staying power in media. The truth is that there are many people who remain fans and loyal audiences for countless content creators. It requires a different approach to know how to work with these influencers because research beforehand must be done. Working with a random influencer to promote a random product won’t be organic and may end up causing the brand a loss of marketing. Knowing how to work with the right social media influencers can make a big difference.

Why Video Is The Next Generation Form Of Content Delivery

Targeting smartphones users on any platform, whether it’s an app or famous site like YouTube, video is key. They say that a picture says a thousand words, but it’s even more powerful via video. Video marketing is an essential part to growing your brand and reaching more engagement levels with your clientele. Videos are becoming the #1 source for delivering a message while also addressing the brand in a positive and effective light.

In today’s world, an article isn’t going to be shared on a Facebook feed. People do not recreate article content or even photos. In fact, it is video that is simply put, the most diverse and simplified form of content that makes it shareable. Shares on any form of social media are a word of mouth type of marketing, and this helps generate further engagement without ongoing effort. Viral content continues to be shared across multiple platforms.

It’s all about creating a campaign that benefits your brand. Will you advertise via Snapchat’s new marketing feature? Will you utilize the paid program on YouTube? There are many ways to utilize video, and experts say it is in video marketing that is going to help anybody reach new clientele and grow their fan base in no time. Making it interactive where you lead people to downloading an app or visiting a website can allow you to process results and effectively check statistics to see how powerful the video content is for your viewers. It’s in video where you gain serious growth online.

Facebook Is Testing New Desktop Pages Redesign

Reports indicate that Facebook is about to introduce a new design for its desktop version of Pages which include dropping the right-rail ads from the Page. The screenshots of the new Page were posted on Twitter by the Next Web’s head of content Matt Nayarra. The screenshots suggest a redesign of the desktop Pages to adopt the similar changes that were made last year to the mobile Pages. Some of the changes include buttons displayed at the top of the page to ensure people can click on to open the business’s app or go to the retailer’s site.

The Facebook spokesperson confirmed the change in design on Tuesday. According to the spokesperson, Facebook is testing a new design of its Pages on a desktop with the objective of making it easier for users to learn about marketers and interact with businesses on Facebook. The new design is meant to allow the marketers to include a large cover photo and ensure they can add a call-to-action button. The spokesperson also hinted that the redesign will exclude the display ads which shows on the right-hand of the desktop pages.

Facebook does not plan to phase out the right-rail ads entirely, but it is withholding the ads from the test to make the room for the new design of the Page elements. Other changes Facebook intends to make include re-positioning the Page navigation menu along the left-hand rail and Page information boxes such as the number of likes and the "about" tab, which will be positioned along the right-hand rail.