Innovation and Investment In Prison Technology Pays Off For Families

There are more than 2.3 million inmates within the United States prison system today. This includes federal prisons, juvenile correction facilities, local jails, immigration detainment centers, and other detainment and correctional facilities across the United States. New York has the highest cost to house inmates annually at $31,286. Kentucky was reported to have the lowest annual cost at $14,603.It must also be considered that some prisons are as remote as desert locations, the financial and time constraints on families to travel long distances to visit their incarcerated loved ones is sometimes high. The overall hardships of irregular communication with incarcerated family members are linked to depression and deterioration of the family.Incarcerating the criminal-minded does not cure them of criminality. Inmates often continue criminal behaviors within the prisons they are housed in drug activity, extortion, smuggling, and other dangerous activities. Through one phone call outside the prison, an inmate can arrange a variety of dangerous items to be smuggled in by willing family and friends and have contraband items smuggled out.

Securus Technologies is a prison technology company founded in 1986 and based in Dallas, Texas. The technology company introduced a system to control contraband cell phones and their use within prisons. The technology also now hosts a variety of ways for inmates and families to stay connected while experiencing incarceration.In 2008, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith joined Securus as Chief Executive Officer. Under Rick Smith’s leadership, Securus’s tracking technology of inmates has provided data which shows patterns of behavior that can assist law enforcement in solving further crime. He continues to monitor the needs of law enforcement and corrections, heavily invests and collaborates, and has become known as an industry leader.

Rick Smith Securus innovation has not only enhanced crime prevention for law enforcement personnel – making both prisons and society safer, his vision has improved inmate/family communications via the introduction of video visitation. Loved ones can visit in ways that were not possible before and which can be difficult at times to achieve. They can also visit more often than might sometimes be possible in person. This can facilitate family continuity and healing.Before he brought Securus Technology to the forefront of the criminal technology industry, Rick was the Vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations, Chief Financial Officer and subsequent President of Eschelon Telecom Inc., and Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Group. He holds an Associate’s and a Bachelor’s in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a Master’s. He also attended University at Buffalo, New York.As impressive as his Bio is, Rick Smith’s innovation style suggests that his best work is still up ahead.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Rock and Roll! The U.S. Money Reserve is moving and with a strong, steady momentum. We look to the agency’s leaders to better understand what’s happening. What’s occurring isn’t by any means a normal stint of publicity. At times like these, it’s difficult to be a U.S. government agency.

Presenting these firms in a positive light is even more of a daunting task. But it looks like the U.S. Money Reserve found its own way to fight back against a bad reputation. That fight neither includes deformation or an aggressive attack toward another existing social identity.

Instead, with the right leadership, the U.S Money Reserve turns inwardly and in order to bring about the much needed change it needs. This transformation is also led by none other than the agency’s President. Philip N. Diehl brings to this agency what few others can. It’s a complicated issue for today.

What We Can Learn From Philip N. Diehl

To better understand the man, we have to look at his past. Philip, prior to accepting this role with the U.S. Money Reserve, worked as an administrator for the U.S. Mint. The firms aren’t far from each other in regards to responsibility, yet the clarification has to be made. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The U.S. Mint actually prints, stamps and create currencies used within the United States.

The U.S. Reserve deals mainly with government-backed investments, and that often means gold, silver or platinum. When Philip resided with the U.S. Mint, what he implemented were the quarter collection series that represented all American states.

This was actually his idea, and the zeal, nationalism and homeland pride it induced is obvious. The same ingenuity is what led Mr. Deihl to a solution for the U.S. Money Reserve also.

The Importance In Digital In A Tech World

In a pioneering fashion, Mr. Diehl saw the need of integrating the U.S. Reserve into a digital world. And it’s somewhat surprising that he did it by urging his own firm to revolutionize themselves through a website. Because of this simple move, the agency has more transparency than they’ve ever had.

This includes access to information for investing which today shows tremendous prospects.