ClassDojo Seeks to Monetize Extra Content

Since ClassDojo app came to the American elementary classrooms, many teachers have expressed high levels of satisfaction. One teacher from Oklahoma acknowledged how the app has helped her redefine classroom interaction with students and parents. She admits that the app has really made it easy for her to teach and communicate.


Parents also seem to like the app with some saying that it has bridged the gap that existed between them and their kids while they are in school. For them, they feel that communicating with their children regularly in school has now become easier and cheaper with the advent of the application.


ClassDojo has revolutionized how parents, teachers and students communicate since it was started in June 2011. The app has become part and parcel of classroom activities in 2 in 3 of American schools. More than half a million teachers are using it on a daily basis. It gained popularity with its system that allowed teachers to award students who performed well in classroom activities with coupons. Though the app received some resistance from people who minded privacy a lot, it remained one of the most popular education technologies in the country.


According to Class Dojo co-founder and co-CEO Sam Chaudhary, the developers are still looking forward to adding more features on the application. The tech company is also planning to monetize some of its services for sustainability. Given the huge benefits the application has amassed recently, there could be a lot of potential in revenue. Though it can see the path of monetizing its services clearly, the company is cautious not to damage its reputation. They are focusing on building it first.


ClassDojo started in 2011 as a product of two brilliant young men from the United Kingdom. It started as a small startup and grew into a large tech company. Today, it has a market share larger than Coca-Cola in the United States. The company has diffused in more than 160 countries so far.


Many investors are attracted to the market potential of the company. As a result, it has received several funding with the highest being $21 million collected from its B series of financing. The company recently struck a partnership deal with Harvard and Stanford universities to teach students about growth mindset. The company is also planning to roll out new services to elementary schools across the country. ClassDojo is an example of good management and great strategies put together to come up with something sensational.