Why Using Shampoo is Bad for Your Hair, and a Solution

Cleansing conditioners have become very popular in the beauty industry. Many women are choosing to use cleansing conditioners such as the brand WEN as opposed to shampoo. This is for following reasons, cleansing conditioners do not contain sulfate, cleansing conditioners do not create a soapy lather, and they are an all in one product.

Shampoo Sulfates

Cleansing conditioners such as the brand WEN do not contain harsh sulfates. Sulfate in your shampoo can damage your hair greatly. While the sulfate in ordinary shampoo does a great job at removing dirt from your hair, it also strips the natural protective oils away. Using a Sulfate free Cleansing conditioner such as WEN to wash your hair will help with dry brittle hair, because it will leave the protective natural oils your body produces.

Soapy Lathering Shampoo

Most people are used to using shampoo that creates a soapy lather, however they do not realize how bad is for their hair. The lather is caused by the sulfates that are in standard shampoo. As mentioned above sulfate is very bad for your hair. Cleansing conditioners such as the brand WEN do not create the soapy lather that shampoo does. The non-lathering WEN cleansing conditioner will not leave your hair dry or tangled and your hair will be more manageable.

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All in One Product

When using ordinary shampoo you often need to use several products such as conditioner, detangler spray, and leave in conditioner. Most Cleansing conditioners are meant to be a shampoo like washing agent as well as a conditioner. However, WEN cleansing conditioner is a 5 in 1 product. WEN acts as a shampoo, deep conditioner, conditioner, detangler and a leave in conditioner. This is great because you only need to have one product on hand to wash your hair.

Cleansing Conditioner Overall

Overall cleansing conditioners, such as the ones found in the WEN hair care line, are much better for your hair because they do not contain harsh sulfate to strip your hair of natural oils, cleansing conditioners do not create a soapy lather of harsh chemicals, and cleansing conditioners are an all in one product so there is no need for several hair care items.

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