Rubin Is Making Monsters Come To Life

The offers a website that delivers the newest news information that is on the web. Digg is able to give the most important content to millions of viewers each month. Digg is able to use a complex system of editing that allows them to cut through all of the clutter on the internet and get to the nitty gritty news. Recently, did an article about New York City subways. Even though there are some crazy looking creatures that are found on the New York City subways, Ben Rubin is an individual that has made these crazy creatures come to life. Rubin is the artist that is behind the Instagram account that is called Subway Doodles. Rubin documents different people and draws his own crazy creations over the pictures that he takes. Rubin is an individual that walks onto New York City subways, and he is only armed with his iPad and his own imagination.

Rubin doesn’t use any special technology in his creations, he just takes regular old photos of individuals that he finds on the subway. This could be individuals that are looking out the window, reading a book, or even falling asleep. After he takes a picture of a certain scene, then he creates his own unreal vision on top of the original pictures. Rubin creates cartoon characters that maybe interacting with other commuters, or they may be doing their own thing on the subway. The idea is to give the illusion that there are monsters and surreal creatures that are mixing in amongst normal New York commuters each day.

Rubin has been able to post more than 350 drawings over the past two years. He has a large variety of different creatures, and some of those creatures are funny, some are scary, some have superpowers, and some are sweet. Some of his creatures are downright creepy and strange, but they all come together to create a unique collage of his interesting creations.