The Impressive Career Of Stephen P. Murray

Finance requires steely nerves and an ability to see the small details in the big picture. It is a rare soul who is able to do this. One such person is the the late Stephen P. Murray. After his untimely death is his early fifties, many people like myself have come forward to help remember the kind of person he was and what he stood for in his life.

As I look back on his storied career, I am drawn to remember how much he cared about those he worked with as well as how much he was able to see both what was going at the time and where the market was headed in the future.

The Big Picture

Stephen Murray was someone who didn’t just see the little details. He was also someone who was able to put all the details together and create a big picture. In his role as the head of CCMP Capital, he was someone who knew how to put that big deal together.

As a fellow fiscal professional, I can attest just how hard to this to get done. I know that I have often struggled in my own life to figure out how to get it to all work. It was working with him that taught me personally how to create big deals that are made out of many small facts.

He knew when to move forward and when to sit and wait. Watching him in action at CCPM Capital was very much like watching a basketball player reach out and pull off that perfect dunk. You just knew that he could put the ball where it belonged and turn insights into working capital with a high rate of return.

A Terrific Investor

It is not always easy to take capital and turn it into something else. Above all, Murray was a terrific investor who understood that time is money. This is how he was able to take the capital that flowing into the coffers of his company and make something special from it.

Stephen Murray was someone who understood that capital must be used well. I would often sit back and watch as he showed me how it was possible to take accumulated funds and work them like magic until they were real businesses both here in New York where he made his home and in places around the world where he invested.

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