The Lung Institute Pioneers Stem Cell Therapy

COPD is a horrible lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe, and it gets worse as time progresses. Now, there is a treatment available from the Lung Institute that replaces lung cells and according to Lifestylesafter50 makes it possible for those with COPD and other lung disorders to breathe easier.

COPD is a devastating disorder caused by a number of factors, only a few of which are smoking, breathing in dust, industrial pollutants, and other like substances. COPD can change a person’s life dramatically in just a few years, causing sickness, debilitation, and eventually death. Other types of lung diseases and disorders are responding to stem cell therapy, also.

For a number of years, the Lung Institute has helped thousands of individuals with breathing disorders. There are hundreds of case histories showing how well these patients have responded to the pioneering treatment.

People with COPD who could not even walk without finding themselves out of breath are finding that they can walk for miles, and even run or jog without any ill side effects. It is as if they have been given a second chance at breathing.

The Lung Institute started offering stem cell replacement therapy in their Tampa office. The procedure does not use foreign cells of any type. Only cells from the patient’s own cells are used. The stem cells are extracted and allowed to multiply, and are sent back into the patient’s body. It is noninvasive and nearly painless. It takes several days of treatment, during which time the patient stays on premises or at a nearby motel or hotel room. It is something to truly be considered as an apt alternative to the standard treatments for these life-threatening disorders.

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