OneLogin, Inc. Solutions on Ex-Employers System Security Threats

OneLogin, Inc. is an Identity and Access Management (AIM), cloud based firm that is particularly specialized in selling to organizations and other businesses. The primary goal of OneLogin is to use AIM purposely for secure the access to devices and applications. Further, the company is highly committed to decrease user on-boarding and user off-boarding IT time. Most important, the company provides better services for fast end-user productivity using single sign-on, SSO.

OneLogin understands the struggle businesses go through in search of talented employees, adopting new technology, organizing accounts, and aligning technological innovations for success. When an employee leaves a firm, it is always difficult to find an equivalent replacement. This may frustrate various operation in the firm for a couple of months or so. It is a good practice not to give a soon-to –leave employee with vital details about the organization.

Former employee sometimes pose operational threats when they become more exposed to the company secrets before leaving the company. Report indicates that former employees have directly been involved in company hacking because of their earlier understanding of the system. A case in point is a huge data breach that was recently experienced at OFCOM. An ex-employee at OFCOM was directly linked to the breach under the watch of his new employer.

OneLogin has found out that more than 58% of former employees have some form of security access to the system of their earlier employers. This research finding is shocking despite the ongoing attacks and system hacks. OneLogin study further reveals that more that 24% of data breaches has something to do with ex-employees.

To avoid ex-employer hacks, human resource and IT departments much collaborate to exercise proper safety measures before terminating of an employer contract. OneLogin found out that an excess of 45% of businesses do not use Security and Information Manager in tracking ex-employer data breach attempts.

Regardless of the need and loyalty of ex-employees, employers should not trust their goodwill for security reasons. User management system should have automated system de-provisioning features for easy security implementation. Applications such as G Suite and office365 come preloaded with such features.