Successful Media Marketing Partnerships with White Shark Media

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media was established on the idea of providing a world-class experience in the digital world. The three Danish co-founders of White Shark Media have excellent experience in online and offline marketing hence the high-quality delivery of online marketing solutions to small and medium marketing organizations.

Acknowledged as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America, White Shark Media is known for its good reputation in service delivery to clients all over the world. Equipped with cost-effective search marketing campaigns, the White Shark Media commits to providing a world-class experience to customers.
Partnership with Google

After three years of gradual growth, with over 150 employees, White Shark managed to maintain its first client since the establishment. The employees spread over three countries. They have expertise in display advertising, Bing Ads, and analytics, and they serve the organization by maintaining customer service. Google noticed White Shark’s rapid growth and sent an invitation, thereby hosting the firm at its headquarter in Mountain View California.

Google appointed professionals to leverage the growth and client service of White Shark Media. After the series of collaboration with Google, White Shark Media bagged the Google AdWords Premier SBM Partnership two years later, in 2014. After the Google AdWords, Google selected top-notch employees from the organization for career training and development. Not every organization is this lucky.

Partnership with Microsoft

After partnering with Google and winning the Google AdWords award, Microsoft poached White Shark Media because of their registered trail of marketing activities for small to medium marketing activities. The result led to a partnership with White Shark becoming part of the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

The Works of White Shark

According to their Twitter page, White Shark Media is a US based marketing agency. It specializes in offering AdWords and Bing Ads Management services. Focused on money making units for clients, White Shark Media provides product listing Ads in various plans of management.

Also, they have extensive experience in the Shopify platform where they refer all commerce clients to their current Shopify platform. White Shark focuses on offering full management AdWords campaign from the set up to continuous optimization in achieving set goals.

Chaired by Gary Garth, the chief executive officer, White Shark Media dedicates itself to its client’s continued success by implementing innovative, cost-effective marketing solutions. According to Gary, a lot of dedication is required to achieve growth in the competitive market.

However, White Shark Media and its team focus on expanding its capacity by partnering up with various success-oriented companies.

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