Executive Gives Advice About Taking Charge of Career Path

In a recent Huffington Post article, the founder and CMO of Social Marketing Solutions, John White, gave advice to millenniums about how to take charge of their careers. The executive describe his career before he made the decision to become an entrepreneur. White worked for a call center and decided to begin to work for himself after he had a realization that he was in a dead end job. He stated that he didn’t sense any advancement opportunities and was continuously searching for satisfaction by moving from company to company. After White discovered that his job was making him unhappy and unfulfilled, he began a journey of developing his own brand and now teaches future entrepreneurs to do the same.

One piece of advice that John White gives to people who feel trapped in their careers is to become bold about their intentions to begin a new business. White stated that he had to become serious about his new business venture so that others would take him seriously. When he began his journey toward business ownership, he began simply but powerfully by creating a blog. White stated that by creating valuable content through his website, he began to attract customers and receive inquiries from people who wanted to work directly with him. White explained that prior to the development of his personal blog, he spent a ton of time tracking down leads and asking to work with other businesses. Most of his time was spent creating contacts. By developing his own website, White created a way for his customer base to see the value he offered and to come to him.

Executive John White also stated that it is extremely important for people who seek to take charge of their careers to become entrepreneurial. He stated that he had never run a business prior to the development of Social Marketing Solutions and needed to change his mindset before launching the business. White explained that in order to run a business, individuals must make a mental switch from employee thinking to executive thinking. This shift may happen gradually, but in order for the business to become successful White believes that business owners must realize that they have to operate as the head of the company and learn to delegate tasks.