Gooee Lighting Systems

The great thing about Gooee Lighting Systems is their longevity. What with the happy dawn of LED lights, there is now so much more potential for having lasting lighting solutions that make your life happy. Intelligent lighting which can be controlled from your smartphone is the next big thing. Many people are wondering how to cash in on this revolution. Gooee does it all for you. Simple, effective, and timely professionals can come and install exactly what you need, under budget.

Intelligent lighting allows you to control your building’s environment with just a swipe of your hand. No more groaning at the long walk to the light switch. Wow your customers, and shock your guests with a Gooee IoT lighting system. There is nothing that quite compares to convenience and utility of LED lights. LED lights last a long time, and they keep their user from suffering a sudden loss of comfort during the night. Buy from Gooee lighting systems to find the full benefits of this wonderful innovation.

Smart Lighting with Gooee

Gooee is the developer of the IoT platform for Lighting OEMs. The sensors and microchips stuffed on lightings allow interaction with human beings through the internet of things (IoT). The technology used by Gooee can make almost every product smart by attaching a sensor to them. A sensor-integrated product makes it easier for the users to monitor the movement and get notifications on their smart phones.


The smart lighting


Gooee is renowned for the manufacture of smart lights. The smart lighting operates differently depending on their programming, for example switching on and off or changing their colors when one enters a room. Gooee’s Smart lighting networks allow one to flick the lights off or on without having to get up. It is important to consider acquiring a sensor-integrated lighting to maximize on the features that come with smart lighting.


The smart lighting bulb has features automation and wireless controls that are not available in the standard LED bulbs. The sensors in the smart bulbs easily predict when one requires lighting and the intensity of the light. The smart bulbs that are WI-FI based may perform as a wireless router thus allowing connectivity throughout the home.


The Photo detector chip


Gooee collaborated with Delta Microelectronics in developing a photo detector chip. The chip has the smallest sensor in the world used in smart lighting. The sensor detects various things including ambient light, motion, LED color temperature, direction, and LED lux variance. The company also intends to launch the Bluetooth wireless feature for the smart lighting.