How Makari Revolutionized the Skin Care Industry

Just mention the words skin care and skin lightening products to many people, and the image that will come up in their minds will be about Makari de Suisse. What is Makari de Suisse? Makari specializes in providing skin care beauty products for women of color, specifically know for their skin whitening creams. Because the skin care industry generally neglects this demographic of women, Makari de Suisse set out to change that – and it has.

All of Makari’s products are made with natural ingredients, such as Caviar and carrot oil. These ingredients provide nourishment and hydration to the skin.

One of Makari’s specialties is in removing dark spots, acne marks, and birth marks from the skin. These marks generally stay for a long time, and hinder and mess up the natural beauty of the skin. Makari has a whole line of products devoted to this need, and they are known as one of a kind when it comes to this issue.

Makari de Suisse is constantly producing new and exciting products for their consumers to take advantage of. Some of their newest products are Makari Pimple Drying Treatment Cream, Exclusive Lightening Exfoliating Soap, Makari 24K Gold Lightening Serum, Makari 24K Gold Lightening Soap, Makari 24K Gold Beauty Milk, and much more.

Makari’s products are produced under strict scientific and technical supervision, and all products are made in Switzerland, a country known for producing high-quality products. The products are made with natural plant extracts that enhance the skin’s beauty due to their natural components.

Makari features a total of sixty different products, with lines ranging from skin care, baby skin care, and makeup products.

In case you were wondering, Makari absolutely does not use Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is used by many other inferior companies for skin products for dark skin, but because it has many harmful side effects, it is not used in Makari products.