Clay B. Siegall takes Seattle Genetics’ ADC through a milestone

In an interview in Boston at the PEGS summit, Clay B. Siegall, the cofounder and current president of Seattle Genetics, gave remarks on what Seattle Genetics had in store for its clients when it came to ADCs.

Dr. Siegall stated that his company had come up with Adcetris, which is an ADC that had been tested and has overtime been able to cure over 10,000 patients suffering from lymphoma. With this trend, doors to handle CD30 complications could be opened. He went on to mention that one of the company’s biggest achievement has been to manage to get their BLA (Biological License Application) approved for the ADC. With this, the company would be able to develop the drug and use it to improve the results of patients who tend to get to relapse whenever the go through a stem cell transplant. This will reduce this risk significantly.

To add to this, Clay Siegall mentioned that there are 3 different trial phases of the Adcetris drug and that the results of the trials will be made public starting from this year up to next year. When asked where he sees ADCs heading, the Seattle Genetics president explained that there are still a number of blank spaces to be filled including research on how to make a synthetic drug that will make the ADC target a specific tumor antigen. In addition to this, Clay specifically mentioned that they managed to meet with AACR, an American based cancer Research Company, and made presentations on their idea about the tumor antigen. According to him, deeper research continues to open up doorways and leads to newer discoveries.

Clay Siegall’s arguments show how important it is to put a lot of research into ADCs. Considering the number of milestones he has managed to take his company through, we would say that his arguments seem legit. He has managed Seattle Genetics since he helped found it in 1998 and has since then managed to help it secure around $330 through the aid of financiers who seem to believe in what he does. The company has also partnered with a lot of other ADC companies, including CuraGen and Progenics.