Quora and Link Building Basics

For entrepreneurs looking to increase site visits link building is essential. Links that refer readers to company content or an organization’s landing page increases brand visibility and even leads to shared content. However link building is a dead-end if the links are never accessed by the business’ prime demographic. Marketing consultant Jayson DeMers has spent a good portion of his time “demystifying” search engine optimization and he has provided some tips for those looking to increase their link building skills. One way to build successful, authoritative links is to post content on Quora.

The Quora platform provides user-generated answers to user questions. Unlike similar sites, Quora is considered more authoritative because of its high profile users and the detailed answers they provide. Users up-vote the most relevant answers while answers that are promotional in nature or vapid are quickly deleted or shuffled to the bottom of the pile. That said, DeMers suggests users provide relevant links to highly detailed content that is non-promotional in nature.

Quora can increase a business’ visibility and improve its reputation when used as part of a consistent content strategy. Quora often generates referral traffic, which is one of its primary benefits. The higher a user’s ranking the more authoritative the user. Authoritative users garner large followings, all of which generates higher referrals and potentially increases SEO performance.

The Quora platform holds great potential for businesses that have highly detailed, professional and authoritative content which can be used to respond to Quora users’ questions. As mentioned earlier, linking to commercial pages or using promotional language in Quora answers frequently results in down voting. A business that does not already have engaging content might find Quora a waste of time and effort. Organizations must build a profile, monitor questions provide relevant answers and engage with the community.

White Shark Media: Partnerships from the Future

White Shark Media is an agency that specializes in online marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. They have expanded immensely during the past 3 years and now have over 150 employees across the globe. A strong partnership with Google has ensured that they are currently one of the premier marketing companies in North America. My experiences with White Shark Media have been fantastic. Their communication via Twitter, email, and on their very own website has been extremely fast. All of their representatives are professional and knowledgable about the intricacies of the company. I would highly recommend them for any individual or company looking to take their business to the next level. In particular, I am impressed by their commitment to success and innovation. Improvement is one of their core values, and after working with them to advance my own marketing company, I can assure you that this is more than true. The employee I worked with made sure that all my requests were satisfied, and once they were, he was eager to work with me on future projects. I have tried similar solutions with other companies, and although most have been successful, White Shark Media is a first when it comes to efficiency. From years of experience, they understand what a high-quality relationship between a client and a partner looks like and assured me that I would be guided through the process. I really like this sense of security, as I am new to the industry and was initially not sure what type of scope my company would be interested in. This combination of feedback, improvement, and dedication to whole-hearted solutions is a terrific trait in the 21st century. If you conduct business with White Shark Media, you won’t be disappointed by their professionalism and expertise. Lastly, their website is a pleasure to work with. The layout is extraordinarily clear, which is one reason they caught my eye at first glance. Under a tight schedule, I did not have time to look through different advertisements and offers that were irrelevant to my company’s growth. Using their live blog, I was able to immediately interact with representatives who asked a few preliminary questions to gauge my direction. From there, our partnership was excellent and one of the best moves I’ve made in this rapidly developing industry.

White Shark Media Takes Pride in Catering to the Needs of Their Clients

White Shark Media is a comprehensive media marketing agency that specializes in creating campaigns centered around AdWords. The experts at White Shark ensure that all of the AdWords media they create meets Google’s eligibility requirements. They can also assist businesses who have existing AdWords campaigns by providing them with a free analysis. This will tell the professionals at White Shark Media what needs to be done to improve the performance of an existing campaign. This team takes pride in offering the best possible marketing solutions for small or medium-sized businesses.


Positive Testimonials and Reviews


The Internet is flooded with agencies offering services designed to help businesses grow. This could make it difficult for any new or existing company to know which agency would provide the best service. White Shark Media’s performance record speaks for itself with the numerous testimonials and reviews provided by the clients they have serviced. As a media marketing agency that has been in business since 2011, this team takes all of the feedback they receive very seriously. Visitors to the company website will be able to read online reviews about the steps White Shark has taken to improve their client relations.


The reviews available on the White Shark website come from business owners in a wide range of industries. Reading through the reviews people will get a sense of the type of effort this media marketing agency puts forth. Many clients rave about how much their campaigns have improved the amount of traffic to their websites, the number of sales they have completed and the amount of profit they have obtained. Even clients who had existing campaigns have found their performance significantly improved once White Shark took over management.


Some Additional Services


As a full service media marketing agency, White Shark offers their clients the type of services that will help their businesses grow. In addition to working with AdWords, they also provide management solutions for Bing Ads. Both of these services utilize the ability to enhance advertising through the use of pay-per-click services. The team at White Shark Media can also assist businesses with SEM services. They can look at all of the existing content used in an advertising campaign to evaluate how well it performs. They can significantly increase the amount of traffic a website receives by restructuring the existing content to optimize key words and phrases. They can also create distinctive logo designs to get a business optimized recognition.

The Rise of Deep Links

Researchers have found a considerable increase in the prevalence of deep linking over the years, as it has positioned itself as one of the keys to building a successful mobile app. Specifically, deep links have been found to help app publishers target users and better ensure consumer retention.

There are primarily three different types of deep links: basic links, deferred links, and contextual links. Each one has its place within an app, depending on the specific needs of an industry, but they are all incredibly valuable tools for anyone interested in online marketing through apps.

Basic deep links help retain consumers by guiding them directly to the content that they’re interested in accessing. With a traditional link, consumers might be faced with a welcome screen that is difficult or confusing to interact with. For an app developer or marketer, this should absolutely be avoided. Instead, a basic deep link can help users circumvent any technological obstacles and make them more receptive to the advertisement’s message.

Deferred links are slightly more complex, but are built around the same premise. By matching users to specific content after they’ve installed an app, a deferred link acts like a delayed advertisement. It helps to build a bond between the user and a brand, even after they’ve forgotten about a product they were previously interested in.

Finally, contextual deep links are the newest type of deep link, but are no less important. By collecting different information from a user during the app installation, contextual links allow users to have a fully customized welcome screen in an app that can direct them to specially crafted advertisements or other types of content.

Any marketer that is interested in breaking into the mobile app design space will want to take full advantage of deep links.

Fundamental Principles for Online Marketers to Live By

Today, we are living in an age that calls for an inherent understanding of the convoluted Web. To avoid futile end, you must understand some principles to gain traction for your online business. Most people are caught focusing on the effort that provides them very little or no traction at all. A Successful online marketer knows fundamental principles that must be adhered to achieve long-term success on the web.

These principles have been the basis of achievement across areas such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and sales and email marketing. The prevailing mentality of doing least amount of work and expect the greatest return has been the biggest problem. When it comes to online marketing or business, we need to put in sweat equity. However, it is not just about working hard, but working smart and doing things the right way.

The first fundamental principles that online marketer need to adhere and understand is value that foster value authority. Value separates successful online marketers from those who falter and fail to understand they must deliver value always. Anyone considered being an authority in his or her niche, ultimately get exposure from a search engine like Google. Value is one of the fundamental factors behind search engine ranking. In fact, in Google eyes, value is determined by 200 distinct factors.

The second fundamental factor is staying consistent. When it comes to online marketing, timing is everything. What this means is that you should not fall off the face for months. Regardless if you are posting on social media, making educational videos or even blogging you should be consistent. This ensures you develop more fresh content for your site rather than leaving the old post to marinate.

The third principle is to link and share your post. The link profile for any website provides a considerable effect on visibility and reach. Google knows that a website that features organic and diverse links is one that can be trusted. However, it worth noting Google is looking for authentic links from trusted sites. Google is known to punish websites that try to engage in link schemes and other underhanded techniques for gaining visibility. The goal here is to adhere to the first principle and fosters authentic links to your content.

Most Companies Don’t Understand Good SEO Strategy

Snake oil is the name used to describe any product with unverifiable quality or benefit. Experts believe that it is the right term that can describe the SEO industry which is full of "snake oil" salespeople. People have taken the advantage of the online selling platforms and digital advertising media to convince people to buy products or services that are not useful for the buyer or they know is inferior quality.

For instance, there are many stories today of wasted budgets, sites damaged beyond repair, and digital campaigns that only end producing zero results and everything else the business owners and marketers have is terrified of. They are the kind of stories told in classrooms to students who want to run about the effectiveness of digital advertising, except this time they are leading to loss of millions of dollars.

While other snake oils can be harmless, some other others can ruin your products or services or even the reputation of your company. Other "snake oils" have been removed from Google search results due to their digital marketing activities. However, some business owners have developed strategies to prevent being banned in the search results. The main reason they succeed doing this is that they bank of consumers’ lack of sufficient information. Don’t believe promises that all snake oils are weeded out and spend your money on the first provider you meet online. Do your background research before trusting the online seller of your choice.