White Shark Media Proves The Value Of Customer Complaints To A Business

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media has emerged as one of the most competitive AdWords management and digital marketing companies across the U.S. They have made strides in this industry and their effort saw them get a contract to work as Bing Authorized resellers. White Shark Media is also a certified Google Premier SMB Partner and their network has been growing with each day.  Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

According to TopSEOs, like many companies, White Shark Media also receives feedback that is not in line with their expectations. Customers will always complain when they find something that does not impress them. White Shark Media advises that customer complaints are a benefit because this is an opportunity presented for free to help a company grow and become better. Below are examples that show how White Shark Media turned customer complaints into ideas.

Issues with flow of communication
At its launch in 2011, White Shark Media did not have sufficient tools of communication to allow customers interact with support easily. Reaching the exact person one wanted was not easy then because the channels used were not defined, so customers posted complaints citing this as a drawback to their success.

In response, White Shark offered more than what customers demanded. The company partnered with GoTomeeting to offer scheduled monthly calls that would allow easy online communication that ensures the client sees the progress of his/her campaign as the company proceeds with their work. Additionally, White Shark Media implemented a system that allows clients to contact their person of interest directly without necessarily going through a supervisor.

Lack of SEO services

Many who were managing SEM projects with White Shark Media also wanted their SEO services to be handled on the platform. However, this was not possible since the duties the AdWords campaigns required were too heavy for additional tasks to be implemented.

What the company did was to hire professionals with SEO skills, who would act as consultants to advice clients on the right SEO companies to join. This support has ensured clients do not lose their money to unreliable SEO firms.

Performance tracking tools

The performance of an AdWords campaign is an issue many consider vital, but at the time of establishment there were no tools to allow White Shark customers track the performance of their campaigns. Complaints about this issue encouraged the company to introduce Google Analytics and call tracking, all which are available to customers free of charge.