A Review Of Clay Siegall’s Professional Journey And Appointment At Mirna Therapeutics

Clay B. Siegall is a clinical scientist with over 20 years in the biotechnology industry. He has served in different companies and among the appointments he received includes the 2013 appointment to work as a Board of Directors outside member by Mirma Therapeutics. The Austin based firm that was established in 2007 is focused on the manufacture of microRNA therapeutics.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

Currently, Mirna Therapeutics specializes in cancer research and one of the reasons they appointed Clay Siegall to join them is because of his vast experience in the area. They are looking forward to achieving great achievements in the development of microRNA-based therapeutics with the help of professionals like Siegall.

Clay Siegall and position at Seattle Genetics
Seattle Genetics is a leading biotechnology company that specializes on the development and commercialization of empowered and innovative antibody-based therapies effective in the treatment of cancer. The company is an industry leader in the production of drug conjugates (ADCs) and the technology applied has been effective in the harnessing of the targeting ability of antibodies. The ADC technology works by sparing non-targeted cells, which helps to reduce toxicity in the treatment of cancer.

Clinical trials
Clinical trials are processes that invite individuals from various grounds to take part in the research meant to reveal useful treatment methods for certain diseases. The process identifies and offers solutions to diseases and is a useful session that assists scientists in their research. Seattle Genetics has invested in this process in a bid to help avail solutions to more health problems ailing individuals.

About Clay B. Siegall
Clay Siegall is a co-founding member of Seattle Genetics and since the inception of the company in 1998, he has worked as a top executive. He is the CEO and President and he chairs the Board of Directors in the company. Clay Siegall boasts of vast knowledge in clinical science. He founded Seattle Genetics on research and innovation, which explains the nature of operations the company has invested in for decades. Through his leadership, Seattle Genetics has entered into several partnerships, all which have been made to help develop Seattle Genetics to attain international status.