A Leader in the Costa Mesa Community – OCC Opens 5-Acre Recycling Facility

It’s understood that institutions of higher learning offer educational opportunities. However, it clearly shows an earnest commitment to go beyond the classroom and promote worldly ideas when a school takes the initiative to promote environmental awareness. Orange Coast College in Coast Mesa has done just that.



Recently, the college cut the ribbon on a 7-million dollar, 5-acre recycling site on campus. The Adams Avenue facility builds on the 4-decade commitment to provide students with a place to drop their recyclables. However, the new recycling venue takes the commitment to another level by making it available to the public as well.



Residents from all across Southern California will be able use the facility. Beyond accepting the normal paper, plastics and glass, the facility will compensate people, using the standard California redemption rate for designated items. Of special note, the service will also handle large appliances and the all-important need for electronics disposal.



OCC grew out of sense of recycling something into a useful commodity. In 1947, the school got its start when voters approved a measure to recycle a former military base into an educational facility. Today, Orange Coast College is fully accredited by the World Association of Schools and Colleges with over 135 educational programs offered to its more than 20,000 regular students.



There is a vibrant campus life with dozens of clubs and organizations to prepare students to engage socially. OCC also promotes the benefits of team sports with intramural programs and intercollegiate athletic squads, which every student as an equal opportunity to participate.



For over a half a century students have been able to count on OCC to give them the tools for a solid educational foundation. Now they can count on the school to support and stand behind important visions that also help promote the world around them. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/denova-homes-hosts-orange-coast-college-architecture-students-300544974.html



While this new facility shows support for the modern interests of their students, it’s also a display of allegiance to the local community. The new recycling facility may seem out of the ordinary for a college, but not at Orange Coast College. They’ve made being a leader in the promotion of worldly ideas their business for over a half century.



Orange Coast College Rowers Battle The Traditional Giants Of The Sport

Around the world, the name Orange Coast College is both admired and feared among the traditional giants of the traditionally amateur sport of rowing. Rowing is often seen as a sport deeply rooted in the traditions of some of the world’s most prestigious four-year academic institutions; however, the two-year community college, Orange Coast College has been one of the few newer institutions to break into the upper echelons of the sport of rowing.


In 2016, Orange Coast College added an impressive 11th national title in the novices category the institution has become a powerhouse within and is looking for a 12th title when the rowing crew makes its way to Georgia for the NCAA national championships. Each year, the number of potential crew for the Orange Coast College men’s program hits the 80 mark and a further 40 try out for the women’s team; the success achieved by in the novice category has not gone unnoticed with members of the team moving on with scholarships to established four-year schools including the University of Boston and UCLA. Many of those who become established on the team is looking to return to rowing after injury or academic issues derailed their careers at high school leading them to a new period of success following their rehabilitation at Orange Coast College.


The establishment of Orange Coast College to the south of Los Angeles, California was approved following the end of World War II and the award of a former Air Force base to the burgeoning college. Many of the original buildings of the college were converted from the existing buildings created for the Armed Forces to be used by the first intake of Orange Coast College students.


Alongside the major rowing program, Orange Coast College is also the home of one of the most respected college newspapers in the U.S. in the form of the “Coast Report”. This student-led newspaper has been in circulation since 1948 and produces an estimated 5,000 copies each week distributed across the campus. Learn more: http://www.occpirateathletics.com/sports/bsb/index


Orange Coast College- Recycling Center

After a little over a year, the recycling center of Orange Coast college has opened its doors to the public. It is a vast improvement to the old one, which managed to attract around 300 people a day. The new center, however, has already started attracting nearly 400 people a day. The goal of the center is to make more revenue for student projects as well as to encourage the public to recycle more often, according to Mike Carey, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator of Orange Coast College. One of the side benefits of making this facility bigger is that it can now handle more material and it also has more parking area, as many as 45 cars, to boot. Learn more: http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/Pages/home.aspx

The three organizations that donated money for this project were the Associated Students of Orange Coast College which gave $1.5 million, Measure M which gave $ 5 million and CR&R gave $ 500,000. Other new amenities include showers as well as break rooms for employees. Which is a boon for students who work there, since they will be able to shower before going to class after their shifts. The recycling center has incentivized taking recyclable items by paying people who bring them things like used cans and plastic bottles.

Once all of the recycled items are sorted they are taken to their respective places to be used again. For glass items, it is shipped to Los Angeles, plastic is shipped to Perris and aluminum is taken to Irwindale. In short, the center has grown from a small outfit to a big one, that is earning its keep by providing the college with extra income. Last but not least, class rooms were also added to the building, which will be used to teach environmental studies, for the Spring semester.

Orange Coast College is one of the largest community colleges in the nation. It is located in Costa Mesa and it was founded in 1948. From its small origins of just a few hundred students, the college now boasts of nearly 25,000.

The number of programs has also grown exponentially with over 135 career and academic classes offered. The college also boasts of one of the best nautical programs in the country. Most of the students who attend this college, go on to Universities to get their Bachelor degrees.

Learn more: http://www.coastreportonline.com/campus_news/news/article_81418aca-933e-11e7-a8be-53b844a797fb.html