Why Samsung Threw In The Towel On Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung was well aware of all the faults associated with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, some people probably thought that the South Korea based company was hiding its head in the sand and ignoring the complaints heard around the world about the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Certainly, the exact opposite was true. The company started investigating the defects. Their first conclusion was that there was nothing wrong with the phones. The fault was with the battery. Still, millions remained loyal to the Samsung Galaxy and continue to carry their phone with them on travels and locally. Still, more phones were exploding, harming the Samsung’s company credibility.


The Next Phase

Samsung was at their wits end and decided to recall the Note 7 back in September. This is where the story gets really interesting. Since the company insisted that the battery was the reason for the explosions, they decided to ship out the new Galaxy 7s with brand new batteries supplied by a new manufacturer. Of course, loyal customers jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on the brand new Galaxy 7s. Well, the new phone exploded too. This should have served as a lesson to Samsung to make them provide more testing on their devices before releasing them to the public.


Pulling The Plug On Galaxy Note &

The fact is that the company testers were at a loss. They simply could not reproduce the conditions that made the phones explode. Recently, Samsung decided to take the phone off the market. However, industry insiders believe that the move was a bit too late. Now, the company has lost a lot of credibility and trustworthiness. Loyal customers have simply lost faith in Samsung. This issue has also affected their investors and other products. Still, Samsung has not revealed the reason for the phone exploding. They are still frustrated and totally in the dark about that issue. Insiders are still wondering if Samsung is down for the count or will they ever recover after this fall.