Learn to Lose Weight and Keep It Off with NutriMost

According to NY Fat Loss, the majority of weight loss programs and plans available on today fail to recognize the highly variable nature of each person’s body. By ignoring this important factor, these programs set themselves up for failure. Every person’s body is a unique system and functions in its own way. A successful program must not only recognize this, but capitalize on this fact. Nutrimost founder Dr. Mitch Gordon recognized this important factor and has utilized it in building the foundation of his program.

NutriMost is a revolutionary program tailored to fit each person’s unique weight loss goals. NutriMost is not just another short term weight loss trick. This program prepares each participant to not only lose weight, but to keep that weight off in the future. Dr. Mitch Gordon developed NutriMost in his own quest to become a healthier person. Dr. Gordon lost over 38 pounds while on the program and has successfully kept the weight off. Countless program participants have lost 20 or more pounds in the first few months of the program.

One important component of the Nutrimost.com program is coined the ‘reset number.’ This is used to describe the goal weight, chosen together by each participant and staff. Once the reset number has been reached, the patient will be trained and educated on how to always remain within one to two pounds of that number.

NutriMost uses technology to examine and measure each participant. These results are then used to tailor a specific plan and goal weight tailored to each person. Dr. Mitch Gordon and his staff work to educate, train, and motivate each participant to reach their reset number. NutriMost’s educational component helps ensure that the reset number is always maintained and the weight does not simply creep back on. Dr. Gordon’s self-participation is a testament to its success and reliability.

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds