Yanni Hufnagel- A Super Recruiter

Success in college basketball often comes down to one thing, recruiting. If you can get the best players you usually will have a winning program. Such an idea is the reason that Yanni Hufnagel should so be a household name among college coaches. Hufnagel has become quite respected for his hard work in the recruiting world. Earning the names of many respected individuals, Hufnagel seems destined to make it as an eventual head coach.


Hufnagel has had a number of stops during his college coaching journey including the University of California and Vanderbilt University. Yanni gave a little insight into his success when he sat down with writer Ben Z. Cohen. In this interview Hufnagel reveals how he has received praise from established names like ESPN’s Seth Greenberg and Duke assistant coach Jeff Capel. Capel, also a former head coach at Oklahoma, had high praise for Hufnagel’s recruiting ability. He believes that Hufnagel has a unique attitude that keeps him from having any fear when recruiting. He is not afraid to go after a player even if the odds are he might say no. Further more Capel also recognizes that Hufnagel is hard not to like.


Yanni Hufnagel has played a role in developing some top players. Both Jermey Lin and Wesley Saunders have credited Hunfnagel for their development. He has helped both of these players to make a career as a professional in the NBA. Currently Hufnagel is coaching with Eric Musselman and the University of Nevada Wolf Pack. His incredible talent as a recruiter is sure to land him a position as a head coach at some point in his career.