Omar Boraie: A NJ Resident Who Found His True Calling In Real Estate

Omar Boraie is an Egyptian who came to New Brunswick forty years ago to acquire his degree in chemistry. However, once he had a grip on real estate he couldn’t let go. In that moment an entrepreneur was born, creating the Boraie Development LLC.

Omar, the charismatic owner of Boraie Development LLC, sits back and recounts the disbelievers he faced on his path to success. It was his dream to rebuild a New Brunswick and that’s exactly what he did.

New Brunswick

Omar remembered a time when you couldn’t even walk on the streets of New Brunswick without thinking everyone had left the city. This was the year of 1972, and it was an awful time. But Omar Boraie knew he had to do something.

At that time there were 21 vacant buildings and he began to buy one after another. Once he purchased all of the buildings he approached the city with a plan that would be the beginning of a brand new community. Eventually, Boraie built a very successful set of luxury apartments in New Brunswick that inspired the growth there.

Atlantic City

Boraie Development LLC was not done with the transformation of communities just yet. Boraie decided to commit his time and resources to the Atlantic city market. Even though there was a massive amount of casino closings in the area, he still chose to move forward. He wanted to be a part of the development that would lead to the revitalization of Atlantic City. Boraie built a high rise with over 168 units for housing in hope to establish an economic boom within the city.

Omar believes that having several projects at once will create an interest for people and draw them in. Generally speaking, the goal is to attract other investors, so that the communities can thrive and become fruitful.