Rocketship Education Offers A New Opportunity

People are really getting excited about Rocketship Education because it has turned out to be a real breath of fresh air in the educational field. Rocketship Education has gone beyond the traditional confines of public education and ventured into new realms of effectiveness.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that locates in lower economic neighborhoods that do not have an effective school system. A partnership is formed between the local community, parents, teachers, and students to work together in forming a workable system that creates favorable outcomes.

The traditional methods of channeling students through 4 or 5 classroom settings where they just sit and listen to lectures are just not working for the majority of students. Instead of forcing students to remember facts from what they hear all day, Rocketship Education does have general sessions, but then they break up into smaller study groups where there is more interaction and they can get questions answered in detail.

There is also an equal emphasis on digital learning where more repetitive tasks are turned over to individual learning via laptop, smartphones and tablets. Languages, math, history, English and other disciplines where rules and precepts are to be memorized and worked out are better served in this manner. Besides, this is in a format that most students already are familiar with anyway.

In addition to the scholastic work that is done, Rocketship Education stresses that certain values be learned and adhered to by the students. Accountability, empathy, and perseverance are important traits that are instilled in the students as not only do these traits help in the scholastic environment, but throughout life as well.

By combining a partnership with parents, teachers, students and the community, Rocketship Education with a view to education as a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor for all concerned. It serves as a foundation for a bright future for all when everyone realizes the stake that everyone has in its success.

When it is realized that the average Rocketship student is able to qualify and have enough credits to graduate from high school a full year ahead of the average public school high school student, it brings home the quality and depth of the Rocketship Education program.