Missouri Professor Strives to Overcome Adversity

In November of 2015, University of Missouri assistant professor Melissa Click was suspended from teaching and criminally charged with third-degree assault when she was caught on camera calling for “some muscle” to forcibly remove a journalist covering student protests on the university campus. The protests were in reaction to the way black students were being treated at the university and ultimately forced both the president and the chancellor to turn in their resignations under the pressure. Since then, Click has become the target of more than 100 Missouri lawmakers who are calling for her immediate termination as they see her actions on that day as a direct attack on the First Amendment.

The case has become more complicated due to a new video which subsequently surfaced from an October 2015 protest which shows Click shoving a police officer who touched her while she attempted to act as a human barrier between students and law enforcement officers that were attempting to move the protest to the sidewalk during the university’s Homecoming Parade. The release of the October 2015 video has further upset interim chancellor Hank Foley intends to discuss the matter with the Board of Curators while they conduct their investigation into Click’s actions. After three months of relative silence, Click has hired the services of Status Labs to help repair her tarnished reputation and attempt to save her otherwise unblemished career.

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