Nobilis Health Provides High Benefits For All

Nobilis Health, leaders and innovators in health care, stated and delivered on the promise of great benefits for patients, doctor partners and investors and on all accounts, lives up to that statement. Nobilis Health owns and operates over 100 surgical centers in which it promises that patients and loved ones will experience the best possible care from staff. Nobilis also stated aspirations to provide superior medical care with increased patient satisfaction at a lower cost. Nobilis considers the well trained surgeons and physicians partners in the business of health care. Among the talented staff serving in the centers are experts and specialist in pain management, spine surgeons, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, gastrointestinal scope and ear, nose and throat specialist.

Education is part of the care and services provided for patients. Each patient receives knowledge about their health concerns and issues, information about treatments and procedures recommended and suggested to treat their problems and conditions, and the possible and expected outcomes, whether the patient decides to be treated by a Nobilis specialist or another physician. Nobilis Health’s business model is not only designed for superior patient care and satisfaction, but also to benefit the physician partners and stock holders. The partnership with physicians include management and operation of the over 100 centers to allow physician partners the opportunity to concentrate on providing the highest level of patient care.

Nobilis Health has experience in operating outpatient surgery centers in Dallas, Houston and Arizona. Its business model stems from maximizing opportunities for physician partners who are also equity partners. In doing so, maximum growth and profitability is achieved through enhanced marketing, improved operating procedure and the highest standard of patient care. This model drives the cost down as well. Having managerial responsibility of the staff, facilities and patient care and experience, as well as involvement in the revenue and center design and development are among the reasons Nobilis is a recognized innovator and leader in health care delivery.