An In-depth Look into Exceptional Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Nowadays, pet owners consider their pets as a part of their family. They invest much of their resources and efforts to ensure the pets are getting the best food, care, and treatment. Beneful is a brand of exceptional dog foods by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare Company. The brand consists of scrumptious wet dog foods, snacks, and dry dog foods. All the dog foods under the Beneful brand are produced using natural ingredients like veggies, real meats, and flavors of highly nutritious fruits. Some of the healthy dog foods include:
ORIGINALS (with real meat)

This product falls into the category of dry dog food. It is made with a strict adherence of Real Beef Recipe. The primary ingredient is farm-raised beef, which is mixed with whole grades and some bits of vitamin-rich vegetables like the peas, spinach, and carrots. Adult dogs will love and enjoy this meal.

ORIGINALS (with real chicken)

This dry dog food consists of highly nutritious farm-raised chicken. The chicken is blended with whole grains and vegetables. There is a 100 percent guarantee that an adult dog will enjoy and love this meal. Apart from the real chicken, it contains accents of tomatoes, carrots, and avocados.


HEALTHY WEIGHT is one of the weight management diets under the Beneful brand. An adult dog that consumes this food on a regular basis can achieve a perfect body and live a healthy life. It contains real chicken obtained directly from the farm, blended with nutritious whole grains such as green beans, and then accented with vegetables like carrots. This dry dog food has 10 percent fewer calories than ORIGINALS (real beef). Therefore, it is recommended for dogs that are on a weight loss program.


The nutritious diet consists of real chicken and a mixture of whole grains and vegetables. It contains accents of carrots and peas. The ingredients in this dry dog food are meant to boost the immunity of the growing puppies. The traces of DHA available in this product are instrumental in promoting the development of healthy brain and vision. Pet owners should regularly feed their puppies with HEALTHY PUPPY. Due to its appetizing nature, puppies love this product. All these products are available on Walmart and local pet supplies stores. is the site to visit for online customers.

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Dog Food That Tastes Like People Food Is Healthier Alternative

According to the Daily Herald (see, sales of premium dog food have increased thanks to healthier selections. All natural, grain-free food and kibble with lamb and salmon have been on the market for years, but now companies are adapting their pet food to be more natural, fresh and healthy. Beneful offers tasty refrigerated food sold in stores like Walmart, Whole Foods Markets and Target. The company’s Vital Raw products are marketed as grain-free food that a canine’s wolf ancestors consumed. Raw beef, chicken, vegetables like spinach, kale and sweet potatoes are included. Blue Buffalo was the first company to make canned food and kibble with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, chicken and lamb. Other dog food companies offer specialized items like selections that encourage weight loss from Colgate-Palmolive. Mars Petcare makes Nutro Farm’s Harvest with cranberries and blueberries. Beef stroganoff and lasagna are provided by Mars’ Cesar Home Delights. Milo’s Kitchen owned by J. M. Smuckers produces grilled beef burger treats and duck jerky without artificial colors and flavors. Purina makes Bright Minds food especially for older dogs. Their website allows pet owners to custom-blend dog food. In July this company purchased Merrick Pet Care that produces organic wet and dry dog food. Beneful is also a Purina brand that produces high quality pet food. Purina crated this brand in 2001 to offer canines a healthier alternative. Just like people, their health and wellness is based on what they eat. The healthier the pet food, the healthier the dog. This Beneful product line includes real meat like chicken, beef, turkey, lamb and salmon. They also use real vegetables like peas, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas. All of their food and treats consist of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Pet food is a $23.7 billion industry, and sales for premium pet food that tastes like people food have increased 45 percent since 2009 in the United States. Pet owners have purchased 37 percent more since last year. Using fresh meat makes pet food smell and look better than typical dog food; however, it is more expensive. Although sales of these healthier products are on the rise, that may still not be enough for companies to show a profit for this food line.