Dick And Betsy DeVos Are Part Of The Glue That Holds Grand Rapids, Detroit And The Country’s Education System Together.

When Betsy DeVos was Trump’s candidate for the Secretary of Education, Michigan folks gave the idea “two thumbs” up because they know how dedicated Betsy is when it comes to reforming the education system. Betsy wants to use tax-funded vouchers as well as fresh teaching concepts, and new operational procedures to the forefront. The DeVos name in Michigan is like Michael Bloomberg’s name in New York. The mega-wealthy couple gives money away to help fuel the quest to level the social playing field, so all citizens can get an enriching education and prosper.



A recent article in the Crain’s Detroit Business News said the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gave more than $12 million in 2006, so the Spectrum Health System’s children’s hospital could start construction. And between 1989 and 2017 the family foundation gave away more than $138 million to various health and human services initiatives as well as churches, art and cultural endeavors, and education-related organizations.



Dick DeVos is one of the one percent, but he didn’t just inherit his fortune. He got on the Forbes Rich List by working. DeVos started working in the family business in 1974. His father Rich, and mother Helen got the idea to start Amway in 1959 with friend Jay Van Andel. Young Dick began as a trainee, but he eventually became president of Amway. Dick is the man who got Amway rolling, according to company insiders. Dick DeVos put his father’s dream in high gear. When Dick decided to leave Amway to pursue other interests, Amway was booking $4 billion a year in sales. Thanks to his vision, the company is now a $10 billion a year phenomenon.



An old Mlive.com said the five DeVos Family Foundations donate more than $90 million to various Michigan organizations. Most of that money, about $60 million didn’t leave the state. In fact, the money never left Grand Rapids. Dick and Betsy put up a sizable part of that $90, according to the article.



DeVos is still giving, but he also has a passion for turning Michigan’s image from the organized labor movement’s birthplace to the right-to-work state. Dick wants to make sure union membership is no longer a prerequisite to getting a job in the state. DeVos also stays active in his vast array of political and business interests. Dick and Betsy make a difference by helping people learn in a number of different ways.



Betsy DeVos and her plan to give every child in the country an education is now a powerful message, and people around the country are listening. But like all good ideas, there are people who think her proposal to create tax-funded vouchers so kids can attend private schools is a joke. Those people say the voucher system will hurt the nation’s public school system. But twenty-four states and the District of Columbia now give kids from all social levels vouchers for private schools. Betsy believes her p15lan will expand across the country. Learn more: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/