Betsy Devos’ Philanthropy and Career Profile

Betsy DeVos is a leader, educator, and an advocate. She’s a pioneer in education, politics, and business. Betsy has been in the forefront in eradication of barriers, enacting change, and creating an environment that enables people to prosper, particularly in education. She’s been in active politics for over three decades. Betsy DeVos was appointed four times as the chief executive chair of the Republican Party of Michigan. She has played leadership roles in political action committees, party organization, and campaign committees. She is the former president of the Windquest firm. Windquest firm is privately owned and provides diversified consumer service and product portfolio. Windquest firm is based in Michigan. Betsy DeVos is currently focused on increasing educational choices for the students and parents in the United States. She aims to push for reforms that enable the underserved children to access quality education. Check her website for more info at

Philanthropic Life

Outside her official duties, Betsy DeVos is very active in her community. Together with her husband, she’s involved in numerous philanthropic activities. She is a past chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable and the American Children’s Federation board of directors. She has also served on other boards such as the DeVos Institute for Arts at the Maryland University and the Foundation of Excellence in Education. She attended the Calvin College in Michigan, where she graduated with a degree in Arts.

Betsy’ Role as the Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos is the current secretary for education in the current government. She was nominated by the Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States. In February 2017, the Senate confirmed her appointment. As a leader, she has helped in the development of new educational choices for students in Columbia district and 25 other states in the United States. As the education secretary, DeVos fights for the restoration of education control to localities and States. This policy will empower parents to choose the educational that fit their children. She firmly believes that a child’s zip code or their household income should not be a key determinant in their ability to get world-class educational opportunities. She is determined to provide equal educational opportunities to anyone willing to seize it.

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How Interests in Education Developed

DeVos’ passion in education developed at an early age. Having come from a relatively financial household, she never encountered a problem in accessing quality education. However, she realized that some of her age mates never went to school because of lack of funds. It dawned on her that not every American child had a fair chance in education. Leaders from her hometown worked hard to increase educational opportunities for such children. DeVos’ passion for providing better education choices never left her ever since. She has also worked in Michigan Public Schools as a mentor.

Betsy Devos Is Leading A Revolution In Education

A New Day For American Education

The nomination and Senate approval of Betsy Devos has sparked a revolution in education. Our public schools have failed to educate our youth and continue to cater exclusively to the interests of teacher unions. Devos does not believe this is necessary and plans on doing everything she can to change it. She wants to fight to create an education system that allows parents to choose the schools their kids go to and play a more important role in the education their kids receive. This will no longer happen under her watch as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America.

Changing Education In Michigan

A great example of the work of Betsy Devos is easily seen in her home state of Michigan. Public schools in Michigan simply aren’t up to the task of educating children and have left many children without the education they need. In order to combat this Devos has supported school voucher programs in her state. The results of these voucher programs is already evident in the success seen in Detroit. In contrast to the failing public schools of Detroit the children in these programs thrived and actually received better scores than the average for their state.

Restoring Faith In American Education

Faith is an extremely important issue for Devos. She has identified as a Christian for her entire life and she continues to practice her faith. In addition to improving the quality of American education she wants to bring faith back in education as well. The efforts to reduce the role faith plays in the public school has caused harm to American youth and misdirected them. Creating an education policy with a stronger focus on providing them with a stronger sense of faith is a top priority of Betsy Devos.

Answering A Higher Calling

President Donald Trump has chosen Betsy Devos to lead the Department of Education. In her position as Secretary of Education she will oversee the official federal policy regarding education and decide exactly how the American education system around the country will operate. Her plan is to execute policies similar to those she advocated for in Michigan. This means she will most likely push for school choice and voucher programs. These programs were successful in Michigan and they are likely to succeed across the country. Read more:

About Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is the Secretary of Education and a philanthropist with a focus on education reform. She has spent decades trying to reform the education system of her home state Michigan and now she uses her role as Secretary of Education to help children across the entire country receive a better education.

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Scottsdale’s Jason Hope’s Passion For Philanthropy And Technology

Jason Hope is one of the most talented American entrepreneurs. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope is regarded as a skilled futurist. He has a deep passion for technology. Hope has an extensive understanding and experience in the competitive industry. Jason Hope uses his knowledge about the technology industry to predict about its future.

With the present technology trends, Jason believes that the Internet of Things maybe an integral player in the future of the contemporary society. This is because of the growing number of connected devices around the world. Advancement in technology has seen companies develop various products and services that seek to enhance communication between individuals. His insights and advice about technology have been beneficial to current ventures and individuals that are looking to profit from the same in subsequent years.

Hope was born in Arizona. He was raised in Tempe. Jason Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University. Here, he graduated with a degree in finance. In addition, Hope holds an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. He has developed a keen interest in politics and its relationship with businesses across Arizona and the United States.

Additionally, Jason Hope has supported many philanthropic activities. He donates to education causes and healthcare initiatives. He is affiliated to different organization that engage in community-based activities. In particular, he has become passionate about the kind of work that the SENS Foundation is carrying out. Presently, SENS is involved in anti-aging research that seeks to make people enjoy quality and longer life.

The SENS Foundation is specializing on finding cures for diseases, which wear down the body and makes people to age faster. Unlike traditional medicine that focuses on treating emerging disease, Hope and the SENS Foundation aim to stop the diseases from developing. Through supporting scientific research and issuing grants to students, Jason helps humanity flourish through innovation that challenges the current school of thought so that new grounds will be broken.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. This contribution was meant for supporting the foundation’s work of developing and promoting access to the rejuvenation biotechnologies. In addition, the funds helped the corporation to research and come up with innovative solutions to diseases related to aging. For many years, Hope had an interest in the work of SENS Foundation and that of Dr. Aubrey de Grey. He strongly believes that their work is essential in advancing human medicine. Hope trusts that their approach to the problem of aging in humans and other related diseases will result in viable solutions.

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