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How do you find justice when you feel that you have suffered injuries or have been wronged? Litigation is the answer, which is the process of taking legal action against an individual or an agency. Litigation is not just a lawsuit rather it includes a series of activities before, during, and after a lawsuit to defend a legal right.

Litigation begins when a party (plaintiff) files a “pleading”, which is a formal complaint describing what the other party (defendant) did or failed to do that caused harm. During this time, the defendant provides a response to the compliant. Responses can range from mediation, arbitration; set a trial, or a settlement. If a settlement is not reached then the next step in a lawsuit is the discovery process, which is defined as the information gathering by each party.

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Each party gathers relevant information to support their side of the case, such as expert witness. Once all parties have their evidence to support their claims a trial is set. A huge factor to consider when filing a lawsuit is the cost due to attorney and court fees. The attorney that facilitates the trial is a litigator or otherwise known as a trial lawyer.

The requirements for being a trial lawyer are completion of an undergraduate degree and a Juris Doctor. After all the education is complete one must pass the bar exam. Karl Heideck is an attorney that completed his requirements at Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law. The last, important factor to consider about litigation is after a verdict has been determined; a party can appeal the results if they are dissatisfied.

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Here is an overview of the experience and work history of a successful Philadelphia attorney Karl Heideck. Karl has experience in all of the following areas of law civil litigation, corporate law, legal research, commercial litigation, employment law, and intellectual property law. Karl Heideck is currently a contract attorney that has been licensed for 8 years. Karl has a wealth of knowledge about the legal system, which has made him an effective communicator in the court room.