Pets Need The Best Foods: Is Beneful Right For Your Dog Or Cat?

Who doesn’t want quality premium pet foods these days? The fact is pet parent does! So how do adoptive parents ensure their pets consume health chow every time? By finding a trusted pet food supplier, of course! With a handful of top-grossing chain suppliers such as that of gourmet-food innovator Richard Thompson representing Pennsylvania. Pets today aren’t short of a wholesome diet. The successful chief executive is absolutely passionate about what he does: making superior quality, healthy grub for pets. So with champion pet food manufacturers like Nestle Purina (Beneful), Freshpet, Inc., Mars Pet care, and Colgate-Palmolive all focusing on presenting healthful foods for pets; it’s obvious adoptive parents today aren’t short of options. It’s been observed that many manufacturers are optimistic about humanizing pet food recipes. With a concentration on appropriate nutrition, they’re producing scrumptious that aren’t just appetizing, but healthful. While humans naturally live longer, pets aren’t always as lucky. However, pet food innovators are originating healthful formulas to change this cycle. They’re encouraging exponential growth for a longer, more enjoyable life for animals. Billion-dollar Blue Buffalo has introduced the world’s first mixed selection containing nutritious vegetables, chicken, lamb, whole grains, and fruits for animals. Sounds delicious, right? It’s obviously because these innovative product line sales cap a generous billion annually. Surely, heavyweights like Nestle Purina with its Beneful is up for the challenge hitting back with a new alliance and revolutionary menu blends. Last July it actually acquired Merrick Pet Care according to a recent Daily Herald press release. With this acquisition, Merrick has incorporated its patented Backcountry pet food number as a feature to complement Beneful products. Beneful, a product line of Nestle Purina introduced in 2001 has become a pet food heavyweight; known to produce some of the industry’s best high-quality premium chow. The company has specialization in dog treats as well wet and dry food recipes. It’s been ranked the industry’s 4th most popular pet grub manufacturer grossing an annual revenue of $1.5 billion. With the finest ingredients, it’s definitely the ideal recipe for pets today. Beneful is Nestle Purina’s top-grossing brand. Pet nutrition is the brand’s key focus, although it’s also put emphasis on presentation. Beneful packaging strategy is indisputably the industry’s most attractive which earned an award at the 2007 Pack-Expo Selects showcase. The profiles of Beneful pet foods are impressive and it meets AAFCO nutrition requirement to guarantee a longer life for animals. It’s participated in numerous fundraisers, including a contest aimed at renovating the dog park. The highly anticipated Dream Dog Park fundraiser attracted the best designers submitting over 1000 proposals in 2013. The projected cost of renovating dog parks in three states, including Pennsylvania, Alabama and Georgia projected to about $500,000.