Stephen Murray Will Never Be Forgotten

When someone like Stephen Murray passes away, it devastates a lot of people. He was the type of person that made a positive impact on everyone he encountered in his day to day life. Even though he was gone far too soon, he did a lot on in his life.

Stephen Murray was president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital along with being a a private equity investor and philanthropist. It was a life that was well lived and lived to the absolute fullest. He took great pride in the work that he did and was proud of it.

Everything starts with education. It gets your feet wet and gets an individual prepared and educated on what to expect in the future. He went to the prestigious Boston College and obtained a degree in economics. This was especially important in his life of work and it helped him along the way when it came to investing.

Murray had a lot of knowledge stashed away and when it came to help people invest, he knew the right thing to tell them and how to inform them the proper way. It is important for investors to know what they are talking about and have the facts to prove it. People are not keen on promises or words. Facts speak volumes.

In 1989, he went on to receive his master’s degree in business admiration from Columbia Business School. When someone is put in charge of running a business, a master’s degree in business really makes a difference.

It gives them all of the information needed to run a successful business which can be hard in today’s economy. Stephen Murray knew how to run a successful business and made it a priority to get it right the first time.

Beyond his work experience and education, which is notable and prestigious, Stephen Murray always gave back. That is why he will never be forgotten. When someone gives back and helps people, they don’t forget that. It leaves a lasting impact on their lives.

He was a big proponent of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the Metro New York area. Whenever someone posses the power to make wishes come true, especially someone that might be going through a difficult time, that can really brighten their day. He also gave back to his school, Boston College, so he never forgot where he came from or how he got there. His legacy is one that will stand the test of time.

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