Marcio Alaor Has Received An Award He Deserves


When a man does great things for his city that should not go unnoticed, and Marcio Alaor has received a great honor for being able to help San Antonio do Monte to grow. Marcio Alaor is a banker, and he has been able to do amazing things for the city. Politicians and local authorities have come together to give him a great honor and presented him with a plate to let him know how much he has done for the city.
He is honored that he was able to receive this award while he is still alive, since most often people get it after they have passed, and he is going to continue to help the city out in every way that he can. All of this was said on Noticias, and it is great to be able to hear of a man being honored for the good work that he has done. Marcio Alaor has cared greatly about his city, and he deserves the award that he has received for caring.