Amazon Prime Day Will Probably Benefit Other Companies Too

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s annual day to give massive discounts to a wide number of products from a plethora of different companies, and it looks like this year’s will benefit other companies as well, at least in terms of online traffic.

A company is lucky if it can direct 15% of internet traffic to its website to make an actual purchase, but it is an absolute truth that you make more online sales when you get more online traffic to your website. Certainly, it matters that you get high-income viewers to come to your website, but it’s equally important that you just get more people to view your site at all. So, Amazon offering deep discounts to many products offered on its platforms means that customers will potentially end up going to the websites of the producers of products they first viewed on Amazon. The average American consumer is just fascinating.

This, of course, is an unintentional but still free and beneficial service to other businesses that Amazon provides on its Prime Day, which gives Amazon itself millions upon millions in additional revenue due to Amazon’s ability to control its own prices. This increases Amazon’s market share, and it deepens the average consumer’s business relationship with Amazon as well. Overall, Amazon Prime Day is an economic blessing that benefits almost everyone involved, all the while giving customers lower prices that at almost any time during the year. How can you beat that?

The U.K. Still Prefers to Shop In-Store

A report today from Business Insider is showing that consumers in the U.K. like to look up products online to find out what they want, but they still prefer going into an actual store to shop. This is much different than in the United States, where more and more stores are closing shop in favor of a model that would favor large spaces for inventory that ship directly to consumers who buy online.

I didn’t think I would say this so soon, but I agree with our friends across the pond on this one. Sure, you might find a product that is slightly cheaper online, and you may be more efficient with your time if you buy online as well, but is that really enough of a reason to not live your life more fully? Buying things in a store just feels good.

More than that, shopping in an actual store is just a cool experience. If you have the energy to make yourself look and smell halfway decent, get in a car, drive to a store, walk across a parking lot, and stand around looking at clothes, you know you really want those clothes. From trying clothes on in the store to testing out appliances immediately and supporting in-store jobs along the way, buying things in the store is just an all-around preferable experience.