Online Marketing Trends For 2018

As technology advances, so does online marketing. Every year, new things come out. Here are some trends to look for in online marketing.

First, there is virtual reality. Augmented reality is also included. Businesses can use virtual reality in a number of ways. For example, they can create Youtube videos that are in a 360 format. This will create a better user experience. Soon enough, it is highly likely that platforms such as Facebook will start giving businesses the opportunity to advertise in a 360 format.

Some people believe that influencer marketing will die down. Certain statistics are showing that Youtube influencers, for example, are not seeing any more growth. Part of this has to do with the fact that the market is saturated. At this point, there are only so many people who want to follow a certain influencer, and most people are already online.
Of course, data is also important. As more and more ways of discovering informative data are found, you will be able to learn a lot more about your customers. This will enable you to run a better marketing strategy.

There is going to be more competition when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Google. In addition, users will get more tired of seeing ads and will not respond as well to them. That is why businesses will be forced to up their advertising game by creating ads that are super targeted to a very specific audience and which concentrate on getting users to do a specific task. Besides ads, everything will become personalized. Emails will become more specific. The one size fits all approach will become less common.

Video marketing will continue to go up. It already exists, but new forms of video marketing will start booming. As mentioned, there will be 360 videos. In addition, live videos are also very popular. As they continues to gain popularity, businesses will start focusing on creating live videos that are professionally done.

Artificial intelligence will also start playing a role in online marketing. It already exists, as many websites have chat bots that can help customers automatically. This trend will continue to grow, and voice activated chat bots may come as well.

How to Target Older People With Online Marketing

Many people know that when it comes to online marketing, it is important to target millennials. While that is true, it also true that there are many older people who you can be targeting as well. Older people are often buying a lot of products. They may have more money than millennials. A lot of baby boomers are starting businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. It would be a mistake to miss out on a whole new target audience for no reason whatsoever.

When targeting older people, make it easy for them to read what you are writing. Have a clear and bold font so that they can read it easily. Make sure to keep things simple, especially if things are very technical. Not all older people are familiar with how computers work. If your system requires people to do certain technical things, make sure to include clear instructions so that they can easily figure out what to do.

Keeping things simple doesn’t just refer to technical details. Keep in mind that older people may not be aware of various references that you would take for granted that younger people know. For example, consider abbreviations and slang terms such as LOL and LMAO. Not everyone who is older knows what those things mean. In addition, not everyone knows things about various social media sites and apps, such as Snapchat. They may not know what Snapchat is and how it works. Do not take those things for granted.

Remember that older people have been around for awhile. They have seen a lot of things. In order to attract them, be smarter than everyone else. What works for younger people without a lot of life experience may not work for older people.

If you want to target older people, choose your platform wisely. For example, do not try to target older people on Snapchat. Instagram probably is not for older people either, as it is more for younger people sharing pictures of their lives to their friends. Older people probably prefer Facebook and blogs.

How to Beat Your Competitors With Email Marketing

Email marketing is all the craze now. As more and more blogs get published, it is a lot harder to drive traffic through organic blogging and search engine optimization. Many marketers are trying to build up a solid customer base through email instead.

When it comes to email, you have to focus on driving action. For example, get people to click on a link. Without a proper call to action, people will just read your email and do nothing. Remember, they usually have other emails they have to get to, so make sure they do something before deleting your email.

You should also focus on personalization. Personalization does not mean including someone’s name in the subject line, through that can help increase your opens as well. Personalization refers to sending people emails based on their previous history. For example, if someone does not open an email, you can send them the same email a second time with a different headline. If someone does open the email and clicks on the link but doesn’t buy anything, you can send them a reminder email to buy it.

You should focus a large portion of your email marketing efforts on increasing engagement. It is all about engagement. If subscribers are not engaged with you, then they will not open your emails and will not buy from you.

There are many ways to be more engaged with subscribers. To start, focus on developing a relationship with your subscribers. Do not just send them emails that have a catalog of your products in them. Do not just send emails that promote products. Send emails that offer value to your subscribers. Include interesting articles in your emails. Try to create a connection by asking your subscribers what they want and tell them that you would love to hear feedback from them.

The most important thing with email marketing is testing. Test out different subject lines and see which ones get the most opens. Test out promoting different products and see what works well. Test out tweaking your landing page and the lead magnets that you give away to attract subscribers. Test out different lengths and styles of emails.

Different Search Engines to Focus On for SEO

When it comes to online marketing and search engine optimization, keep in mind that Google is not the only search engine out there. Google is the most popular search engine, and therefore it is the most important search engine to place your efforts on. However, there are other search engines that are still important.

For example, Yahoo and Bing account for almost 30% of all online searches on desktop devices. You should also try to optimize your website for Yahoo and Bing in order to reach that 30%. 30% is not a small number. To that end, you should open a Bing Webmasters account and add your site to your account.

Google itself has more than one search engine. Besides the regular search engine, there is the image search feature. People search for images, and if you include images on your website, you should optimize them so that they appear in Google image searches. To do that, make sure to include your keywords in the alternative text of your images as well as in their file names. Do the same for videos so that you appear in Google video searches. If you are a news site, you can appear in Google News by getting verified.

Remember that Youtube is also a search engine. In fact, it is the second largest search engine in the world. Make sure to upload videos to YouTube and optimize them with keywords. Include your keywords in the video title, in the description, and in the tag section. Make sure to include a description that has a few keywords and is a few paragraphs long. When choosing keywords for YouTube, use special tools that help you discover YouTube keywords, or just type keywords into the YouTube search bar to discover what people are searching for.

Pinterest is also a search engine. In fact, every social media site has a search engine. If you have a Facebook page, make sure to optimize it with keywords so that you appear when people search Facebook for businesses in your industry. If you are a local business, make sure to optimize your Facebook page with the name of your city so that you appear in local searches on Facebook.

How to Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

When it comes to online marketing, many people focus on social media. That is all nice and dandy, but you have to remember that your main focus is getting traffic to your website. To that end, don’t neglect your website. Make sure to do search engine optimization on your website and post blog posts on a regular basis.

When you do market on social media, make sure to choose a social media platform that is aligned with your industry. Every industry and business will be different and will require different social media platforms. Not all social media platforms are the same, as they all have different audiences.

When creating content, whether it is on your social media profiles or on your blog, you have to create content that engages the users. This means that not only does it have to be interesting, it needs to be engaging.

Continuously test your social media strategy. Do this for all of your content marketing campaigns. Try out different kinds of contents and see what gets the most attention. This means a few things. For one, it means that you should try posting content about different topics. Try out funny content, with a little humor, and see how that goes. Try posting content about recent news in your industry or about news in your local area. It also means you should try out different forms of content. One form of content is social media posts that have no links in them. Another form of content is social media posts with links. Yet another form of content is social media posts with images. Videos and memes are all different forms of social media content that you can use. Try out different combinations of content and see which ones get the most engagement. Without testing, you will never know what works.

One thing to keep in mind is that everything has to be optimized for mobile devices. Whether it is your blog or your website or your social media videos, or even your emails, they all need to be able to work properly on mobile devices. If you do not do so, you will lose out on a whole target audience.

Online Dating Tips that Can be Used in online Marketing

Online marketing is just like online dating. There are things that a business owner can learn from online dating. Here are certain things that online dating and online marketing have in common, and they can be used for any business owner to increase their customer base.

Build trust

Trust is essential when it comes to online dating and online marketing. A business owner has to make sure that they build trust with their audience. One of the ways to build trust is by displaying contact information. Business owners can also give informative content on their site. It is vital to have content that will keep the audience coming back for more. Having customers review on the site is also a great way to build trust with the audience.

Stand out from the rest

There are many users in online dating sites. Thus, it is not easy to stand out from the rest. The only way to stand out from competitors is by producing great content. If the content is for the target customer, then it will no doubt get their attention. Business owners can also stand out from their competitors by adding a bit of humor in the content. Pictures speak a thousand words. Thus, by incorporating them, the audience will keep coming back for more. It is necessary to use quality images that will hold the attention of the audience for long.

Safety first

When it comes to doing marketing online, it is vital to ensure the safety of the information. A business owner can protect their brand from any third parties. There are online stalkers who can make affect the business. It is necessary to have a control that will protect the company’s reputation to avoid such those stalkers. For instance, a blog owner can ensure that the blog post must have approval before one is allowed to post anything.

Therefore, online marketing and online dating require that one does the same things to be noticed. It is also important to nurture the relationship after a business has got a decent following. It takes time and effort to get customers, but if they are not treated well, they will leave within minutes.

Embracing Online Marketing as Any Other Business Venture

Online marketing is the process of marketing products and services via the digital advancements using digital technologies. The internet is the leading platform in which all this is laid upon. This marketing paradigm was invented in the 90’s. Over the years, it is the marketing methods and products by various companies that have been changing. But also the means of advertising the company’s goods and services have as well changed. Many sites have been brought into existence after many businesses embarked on this grand marketing strategy. Shop visitations have drastically reduced since online shopping has been well taken to use.

Online marketing has aided in saving much time. Clients have to just visit the internet sites and purchase items they need without going for window shopping. Different firms also offer customer care services to the entire customers waiting to be directed and explained for specific issues. Therefore, online marketing does not necessarily mean that clients always have to be purchasing goods and products. It means that also different clients can be asking questions concerning different products, organizations and so much more. The good thing about online business operations is that it is easy to use and cost-friendly.

Online marketing has also offered job opportunities to the technology experts who are jobless. Organizations and businesses that venture into this technique always hire or look for computer experts who can create websites and social media pages for the companies. Another advantage of this strategy is that it portrays a unique picture of the organization such that when a client sees the websites and other online pages of business, he creates that mentality that the company is not only dangerous with its operations but also it is full of professionals in it.

All businesses that have marketed themselves via online platforms have enjoyed better business control, reduction in extreme business expenses, elegant communications and so much more. Online marketing is better in operation of every legal business activities.

Online Marketing Trends That Businesses Should Consider Adopting in 2018

The importance of online marketing in today’s competitive business environment cannot be gainsaid. It has proven to be much more effective than traditional forms of marketing such as the use of banners and other print media. Online marketing strategies keep changing by the day, and businesses that do not stay up to date on the trends risk sinking into oblivion.

Social media marketing

Businesses should pay more attention to social media marketing. With the ever growing number of social media users, businesses cannot afford to ignore these platforms. Using email campaigns and social media marketing together has been shown to be very effective at reaching a business’s target audience.

Video marketing

Use of video marketing is one strategy that has been used a lot throughout 2017 and its popularity is still growing. Businesses have many options when it comes to use of video, from Facebook videos to YouTube and so much more. And the best thing about this strategy is that it is no longer expensive to make quality videos.

Content is king

The content that businesses share with their audiences needs to be interesting, informative and engaging for it to sell. While sharing basic information about a business’s products and services worked before, this is no longer as effective as it once was. Customers are demanding a lot more from businesses in terms of content and any business that does not pass muster is bound to lose business to its competitors.


The above are just some of the strategies that businesses should consider including in their online marketing strategies in 2018. These strategies will help them reap more in terms of conversions from their marketing efforts. Whatever online marketing strategies a business chooses to use, the content provided must be relevant and of high quality for them to be effective.

Jeremy Renner Shares Untitled Avenger 4 Scene Photos on Instagram

Avengers 4 untitled film production is underway while the fans are anxiously waiting for the trailers for Avengers; Infinity War. Avengers 4 actor Jeremy Renner lately posted a photo from the set exposing fresh leaks of the movie, while showing the actor getting ready for the scene. The picture shows the transformation of Hawkeye portrayed by Jeremy Renner with the new hairstyle and dressing cord. “Prepped and ready on set” comments on the photo indicates that it’s the latest filming of Avengers 4 with new additional features in the movie.

The photo does not show the full transformation of the comic actors but highlights the Jeremy is prepping for Barton’s recurring heroic attempts. Despite him not mentioning the part or section, he is playing, the eye mask and jacket show that he is playing a big moment on the film. The photo posted on Instagram may have a significant leak to fans to predict some of the roles Jeremy will be playing in the movie. “I can’t wait to see the big role you are playing” commented one of the fans, expecting a great hero from Jeremy on Avengers 4.

Marvel Studios started filming the movie when shooting of Avengers: Infinity War got concluded. Jeremy is among the top actors to recur in all the past Avengers films and from the photo he posted, it’s clear that he is playing his usual role of Hawkeye. With rumors that untitled Avengers 4 being the last film, Marvel president mentioned that it’s still early for the film to get concluded as there are more to come. Marvel Studios has a range of options if Avengers 4 is going to be the last film of Avengers.

As fans put it, the production and the grazes of the two Avengers films, Avengers: Infinity War and the Untitled Avengers 4 will impact on where the MCU is heading. It’s therefore not clear what role Jeremy will play, but it’s a guarantee that he is playing an essential character in the movie. The untitled Avenger 4 is set to premiere on May 3, 2019.

Be willing to go Above and Beyond and Avoid Traps as an Online Marketer

There are a ton of habits that successful people have. However, the less successful people also have some habits that are limiting their success. While many successful habits are about offline interactions, there are some habits that have an effect on online success.


One habit that people have online is using coarse language. When people talk in ways that are rather juvenile and undignified, they can lose their audience. People want to hear someone who is somewhat professional and yet somewhat warm. Therefore, it is best to drop all profanity when talking to someone either offline or online.


Another trap that people fall into is just doing the bare minimum. One of the worst aspects of doing the bare minimum is that no one knows what the bare minimum is. The best thing to do is go above and beyond in all aspects of business so that success can be certain.


Another trap that can cause loss of customers is delayed response. While it does happen with busy people, delayed responses can be very frustrating to the point where the customer walks out. The best thing to do is respond as soon as possible. No one wants to be ignored.


When in person, there are certain things to avoid when interacting. For instance, it is not a good idea to use excessive eye contact. For one thing, this can cause discomfort in someone. Other things to avoid is overly formal speech, slang speech, and any kind of extreme.


A lot of business lies in the subconscious. Therefore, it is important for the businessman to connect with the subconscious needs of the customer so that he will feel comfortable doing business with the person.