Online Marketing Trends For 2018

As technology advances, so does online marketing. Every year, new things come out. Here are some trends to look for in online marketing.

First, there is virtual reality. Augmented reality is also included. Businesses can use virtual reality in a number of ways. For example, they can create Youtube videos that are in a 360 format. This will create a better user experience. Soon enough, it is highly likely that platforms such as Facebook will start giving businesses the opportunity to advertise in a 360 format.

Some people believe that influencer marketing will die down. Certain statistics are showing that Youtube influencers, for example, are not seeing any more growth. Part of this has to do with the fact that the market is saturated. At this point, there are only so many people who want to follow a certain influencer, and most people are already online.
Of course, data is also important. As more and more ways of discovering informative data are found, you will be able to learn a lot more about your customers. This will enable you to run a better marketing strategy.

There is going to be more competition when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Google. In addition, users will get more tired of seeing ads and will not respond as well to them. That is why businesses will be forced to up their advertising game by creating ads that are super targeted to a very specific audience and which concentrate on getting users to do a specific task. Besides ads, everything will become personalized. Emails will become more specific. The one size fits all approach will become less common.

Video marketing will continue to go up. It already exists, but new forms of video marketing will start booming. As mentioned, there will be 360 videos. In addition, live videos are also very popular. As they continues to gain popularity, businesses will start focusing on creating live videos that are professionally done.

Artificial intelligence will also start playing a role in online marketing. It already exists, as many websites have chat bots that can help customers automatically. This trend will continue to grow, and voice activated chat bots may come as well.

Online Dating Tips that Can be Used in online Marketing

Online marketing is just like online dating. There are things that a business owner can learn from online dating. Here are certain things that online dating and online marketing have in common, and they can be used for any business owner to increase their customer base.

Build trust

Trust is essential when it comes to online dating and online marketing. A business owner has to make sure that they build trust with their audience. One of the ways to build trust is by displaying contact information. Business owners can also give informative content on their site. It is vital to have content that will keep the audience coming back for more. Having customers review on the site is also a great way to build trust with the audience.

Stand out from the rest

There are many users in online dating sites. Thus, it is not easy to stand out from the rest. The only way to stand out from competitors is by producing great content. If the content is for the target customer, then it will no doubt get their attention. Business owners can also stand out from their competitors by adding a bit of humor in the content. Pictures speak a thousand words. Thus, by incorporating them, the audience will keep coming back for more. It is necessary to use quality images that will hold the attention of the audience for long.

Safety first

When it comes to doing marketing online, it is vital to ensure the safety of the information. A business owner can protect their brand from any third parties. There are online stalkers who can make affect the business. It is necessary to have a control that will protect the company’s reputation to avoid such those stalkers. For instance, a blog owner can ensure that the blog post must have approval before one is allowed to post anything.

Therefore, online marketing and online dating require that one does the same things to be noticed. It is also important to nurture the relationship after a business has got a decent following. It takes time and effort to get customers, but if they are not treated well, they will leave within minutes.

Online Marketing Trends That Businesses Should Consider Adopting in 2018

The importance of online marketing in today’s competitive business environment cannot be gainsaid. It has proven to be much more effective than traditional forms of marketing such as the use of banners and other print media. Online marketing strategies keep changing by the day, and businesses that do not stay up to date on the trends risk sinking into oblivion.

Social media marketing

Businesses should pay more attention to social media marketing. With the ever growing number of social media users, businesses cannot afford to ignore these platforms. Using email campaigns and social media marketing together has been shown to be very effective at reaching a business’s target audience.

Video marketing

Use of video marketing is one strategy that has been used a lot throughout 2017 and its popularity is still growing. Businesses have many options when it comes to use of video, from Facebook videos to YouTube and so much more. And the best thing about this strategy is that it is no longer expensive to make quality videos.

Content is king

The content that businesses share with their audiences needs to be interesting, informative and engaging for it to sell. While sharing basic information about a business’s products and services worked before, this is no longer as effective as it once was. Customers are demanding a lot more from businesses in terms of content and any business that does not pass muster is bound to lose business to its competitors.


The above are just some of the strategies that businesses should consider including in their online marketing strategies in 2018. These strategies will help them reap more in terms of conversions from their marketing efforts. Whatever online marketing strategies a business chooses to use, the content provided must be relevant and of high quality for them to be effective.

Finding A Good Niche For Online Marketing

For people that are trying to make it big with internet marketing, their best bet is in finding something they are passionate about. This could be their niche. One of the reasons that it is important that one is passionate about the business that he is running is because it could help him get through the obstacles. The road to success is an often challenging road for internet marketers that are just starting out. Therefore, it is important that they enjoy the journey.


There are multiple stages to creating a successful online business. One phase of the business is deciding on how it is going to be run. This includes the content, the products that are being promoted and plenty of other aspects of business. Also, it is important to make sure that the products being sold are good for the customer. After all, reputation is important. If people are happy with the business, then this is going to attract more business. The only thing that one has to figure out is how to get business in the first place.


Getting traffic is not just a matter of build and they will come. The best thing to do is market the site. One of the best things to do is engage in social media. This is where brand building comes in. It takes time, but the best thing to do is engage in topics that are related to the niche. As one engages in social media, he will gain friends and followers. At the same time, he can link to any updates on his site or blog.


One could also advertise with Google in order to bring in all of the targeted traffic for sales. For one thing, Google is the largest and most successful search engine and social network. Another thing is that Google is one of the easiest ways for people to make money from their business because people that look for something from Google are more likely looking to buy something.


How Google Can Benefit Diligence

With online marketing and advertising, it is the one who is diligent and constantly working that is going to get the most desirable results. For one thing, people that are able to put in a lot of time and effort to work is going to experience success a lot faster than those who just put in a little bit of work at a time. People who are sporadic in their marketing efforts are going to not only experience very little success but also have a harder time ranking highly and gaining traffic from Google.


One thing that Google encourages is use of advertising data. Therefore, any business that is trying to succeed online is going to have to spread its seeds. One of the best ways to do that is through targeted marketing. However, this type of marketing can cost a lot if it is not used right. Therefore, it is important that people do a lot of research in order to find the most effective approach to marketing.


One of the most effective things to do as a marketer is to approach the market from different angles. While one can advertise the products, he can also participate in the community so that he can get followers. Participating in communities means a lot more than just posting links on social media. One must actually participate in discussions and engage the community. One of the best things that one can do with social media is make friends and share things.


Fortunately, Google is also bringing more features to the users which will help them gain the audience they need in order to succeed as a business. One of the common complaints is that there is a lot of restriction to what is allowed when it comes to viewing the user data. Fortunately, Facebook, Google, and other internet giants are responding to the feedback and making adjustments to the way they do things so that business owners can have a better understanding on what is successful.


Three outstanding Strategies that can be used for enhancing Online Marketing

The world currently has more than 966 million websites, and this has led to extreme competition in conducting online selling or marketing. One of the best ways to ensure that a business is visible online is by using SEO techniques. A successful online business needs to have a website that stands out. Companies can use unique digital marketing strategies to ensure that they reach the targeted market. The following hacks can transform a business into a reliable money maker.


  1. The use of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads have been regarded as one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. They currently have an impact on more than 52 percent of the purchases that are made by consumers both online and offline. Businesses that use Facebook Ads can attract the target market since this plan enables an individual to use a broad array of choices. The advert options are available for different budgets and markets.


  1. Retargeting adverts

Most people are usually very busy, and at times they do not complete purchasing processes on company websites. A smart business owner should determine an ideal method of attracting potential clients back to the online store. Enterprises can post their customized advertisements on other websites to reach the customers whenever they are browsing other sites on the internet. This method is underused however it offers a 70 percent chance for the client to return to the site to complete the purchase. The main companies that currently offer advert retargeting services are AdRoll and Criteo. Businesses pay for the retargeting services depending on the number of clicks that the advertisements get. Arc Insurance is one of the firms that currently use the technique.


  1. Utilizing evergreen content for marketing

Content marking is regarded as one of the excellent strategies for boosting business in the markets. Websites need to develop high-quality content that can always stay relevant to the readers. Offering top-notch content is essential for increasing the number clicks and social media mentions that a website makes. The use of this technique attracts high traffic since the site provides excellent industry information that is needed by various clients. A business owner can invest time in creating high-quality content or pay a writer to do the job. The method is inexpensive.

Digital Marketing Trends Teeter on Uneasiness

Digital marketing is a term we all see advertised online for companies to take advantage of their potential. Many support digital marketing because of its buzzword characteristics that many business owners, writers, and other related to business write about quickly and easily online. Digital marketing is very popular, and the only one to top this popularity with top competition is through innovation.

Nearly the only trend in online marketing is the trend of rapid change. Short videos have had stints in being the most popular online ads, social media ads have had a short run as the most popularly consumed digital marketing, and augmented reality marketing is on the rise too. These three things are grossly unrelated to one another, illustrating exactly how different things in digital marketing are in relation to one another. The only thing shared between these today is the innovation.

Business owners may have trouble understanding what the hottest trends are in digital marketing, for good reason. Many turn to online resources that provide digital marketing know how. Because of it being hard to understand, many businesses do not take full advantage of their online marketing potential.

Another trend in the ever-changing field of digital marketing is viral marketing. Some companies have emerged simply to provide likes, comments, shares, and other social media happenings to help a video grow to viral status. Seeing videos or pictures on one’s social media feed are more likely to be found as funny or interesting because, unlike commercials, the consumers did not expect those ads to show up on social media. Creating content that forges emotional relations between your company and its customers is an important aspect of having long-lasting customers.

Search engine optimization is an important part of digital marketing, but has taken a backseat to today’s more popular trends. SEO is still vital to companies because competitors are researching commonly searched trendy terms to better match average customer profiles in relation to using a powerful search engine. Behavior-based emails are also distributed to consumers who are more likely to prefer certain words, phrases, and mannerisms other others, to strike lasting relations.

Digital marketing is always changing, but trends such as virtual reality and social media have helped cement innovation’s fame in digital marketing.

4 Online Marketing Trends For 2017

Online marketing is a continually changing practice. What worked a few years ago may not works today. This is why every business should keep up to date on the changes and trends in the digital marketing space.


If you want to continually grow your business and attract new, qualified prospects in the new year, you need to master these four online marketing trends.


  1. Live Video

There is nothing more exciting than a live event. There is always an element of suspense and danger when it comes to seeing an event live. By harnessing the power of live video you can engage your customers in a way that traditional advertising or social media just cannot compete.


With the growing popularity of Facebook Live, many companies have been able to provide their customers with valuable information and some entertainment as well. You can take advantage of this trend by broadcasting from special events, in-store sales, or by hosting a live Q&A session.


  1. Paid Social Media

When Facebook tweaked their algorithm and organic reach of posts declined many businesses thought the sky was falling. Facebook and other social media platforms are still a great way to reach potential customers, you just have to pay for the privilege.


Facebook Ads can still be used to reach an incredibly targeted audience for very little costs. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchap all offer paid advertising programs that you should be taking advantage of if you want to grow your business.


  1. Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing has become popular over the last few years as social media has taken off. However, many small businesses cannot afford to pay one of the Kardashian clan six figures to hold their product in an Instagram photo.


Instead, smart companies are looking to influencers who have a smaller, but more targeted audience. The trick is to find an influencer who has your ideal customer in their audience and also aligns closely with your company’s values.


  1. Chat Bots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may sound like something out of a science-fiction film but it will be driving much of smart marketing going forward. By using AI chat bots your company can automatically start a conversation with a potential client and start walking them through the buying process.


If your business can master this one marketing channel, you will be light years ahead of the competition.




Patience, Value and Online Marketing Trends

New businesses struggle to gain traction online, which is why a solid online marketing strategy is essential. However, following marketing trends without any consistency places small businesses in a worse position than before they started. When it comes to low-cost online marketing trends like blogging, content marketing, email marketing and video tutorials, leaving consumers wanting more is not a good way to build a loyal following. Without patience and nurturing, or failing to provide relevant value, your online marketing presence will be dragged to the depths.


R.L. Adams, owner of Wanderlust Worker and Forbes contributor compiled an overview of seven low-cost online marketing trends for 2017. The trends he outlines are typical: blogging, content marketing, email marketing, video tutorials, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing and referral marketing. The factors that ring true across all of these channels is the need to provide the consumer with valuable content and to do so consistently. Then, after time, you will see results.


Adams fails to take several consumer trends into account. The first is consumer rejection of intrusive marketing. Recent data has shown that consumers do not appreciate ads on their social apps. They also do not like the feeling that their privacy has been invaded. Rather than focusing your energy, time and budget on social media marketing, it makes more sense to provide consumers with value. This leaves blogging, content marketing and video tutorials as an inexpensive way to build an online presence. The key, again, is making your content valuable and worth your potential customers’ time.


Strive to fill a gap in the online universe, or to find a weak spot and deliver stronger content to your potential customers than your competitors. In the end, time spent conducting marketing research could be worth more than time spent on social media.