Spreading Ideas and Being Open; Ideal for Nordic Start-ups

When starting a business or when working on a new idea, it is common for those involved to keep their cards close to their chest rather than to go about talking about their new idea. This is because most start-up will feel that their idea is a brilliant idea that needs to be protected. Otherwise, someone might steal it and run with it; execute it before they have had the chance to do so. At Silicon Valley, however, it is common practice for start-ups to share information about their ideas and what they are working on and this provides a great forum for the start-ups to get feedback from the word go.
Anne Lidgard, a co-founder of Nordic Innovation House believes that Nordic start-ups at the Silicon Valley need to put out their ideas more often and let others know what they are working on. This will enable the start-ups to get feedback early on, which can allow them to fine tune their ideas as well as make improvements where needed so as to ensure that the execution of the idea is as flawless as possible. Anne and her colleague are of the opinion that working together especially as Nordic start-ups will help them to create a strong brand and presence and will open up more channels to access new contacts and learn from each other’s experiences.
The Nordic Innovation House provides a great platform for Nordic start-ups to come together and exchange ideas and improve each other. The innovation house provides space for start-ups to work together which accelerates their success, providing a virtual office for Nordic companies, linking them with advisors and investors, reducing barriers that might hinder success as well as help them to get deals finalized faster.
With Nordic start-ups already having an exceptional reputation in Silicon Valley, working together and sharing ideas will enable them to face challenges collectively. This is a culture that the start-ups should not only establish at Silicon Valley but should be replicated at home too in their respective Nordic countries so as to ensure more businesses get past the start-up stage while still in their countries as well. This will further encourage the exchange of ideas as opposed to the fear that sharing of ideas can lead to loss of opportunity.