How NewsWatch Helps Companies in Marketing their Products

NewsWatch is a show that airs its content on the ION Network and AMC Network twice a month. The content of their bulleting involves from consumer broadcast, technology newscast, travel newsflash, health updates, and entertainment news. NewsWatch started conducting their shows way back in the early 90s and has produced over one thousand episodes. The series entails individual reports gathered by Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Susan Bridges. Andrew Tropeano serves as the host of the show. Within a year, Mr. Andrew hosted several Hollywood stars Including Chris Pratt, Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Colin Firth, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne. More than ten thousand individual stories have received airplay on the show.

Over six hundred renowned personalities and artists in America are proud to be featured in NewsWatch. Celebrities discuss trending issues they support as well as the causes of the problems. The show is aired in the United States and has expanded its market base millions of household in the country. Every episode streamed by NewsWatch gains over 96 million views by families, which is an approximated over 700 million views since the series began. Staff members of NewsWatch are in Washington, DC. The show employees are experts with over ten years in the broadcasting industry.

NewsWatch helped Avanca Company to market pocket PCs during a crowdfunding campaign that was conducted by the show. It also helped to promote a division of the company, Ockel, for the second time during the funding. The United States show provided Saygus firm a platform that enabled them to launch their smartphones during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. NewsWatch provided SteelSeries with a platform to advertise their headphones and gaming controllers. The manufacturing firm marketed their products through the show’s social media channel and online networks. While helping various companies, NewsWatch handles all aspects of logistics and video production.

Betsy Devos Is Leading A Revolution In Education

A New Day For American Education

The nomination and Senate approval of Betsy Devos has sparked a revolution in education. Our public schools have failed to educate our youth and continue to cater exclusively to the interests of teacher unions. Devos does not believe this is necessary and plans on doing everything she can to change it. She wants to fight to create an education system that allows parents to choose the schools their kids go to and play a more important role in the education their kids receive. This will no longer happen under her watch as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America.

Changing Education In Michigan

A great example of the work of Betsy Devos is easily seen in her home state of Michigan. Public schools in Michigan simply aren’t up to the task of educating children and have left many children without the education they need. In order to combat this Devos has supported school voucher programs in her state. The results of these voucher programs is already evident in the success seen in Detroit. In contrast to the failing public schools of Detroit the children in these programs thrived and actually received better scores than the average for their state.

Restoring Faith In American Education

Faith is an extremely important issue for Devos. She has identified as a Christian for her entire life and she continues to practice her faith. In addition to improving the quality of American education she wants to bring faith back in education as well. The efforts to reduce the role faith plays in the public school has caused harm to American youth and misdirected them. Creating an education policy with a stronger focus on providing them with a stronger sense of faith is a top priority of Betsy Devos.

Answering A Higher Calling

President Donald Trump has chosen Betsy Devos to lead the Department of Education. In her position as Secretary of Education she will oversee the official federal policy regarding education and decide exactly how the American education system around the country will operate. Her plan is to execute policies similar to those she advocated for in Michigan. This means she will most likely push for school choice and voucher programs. These programs were successful in Michigan and they are likely to succeed across the country. Read more:

About Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is the Secretary of Education and a philanthropist with a focus on education reform. She has spent decades trying to reform the education system of her home state Michigan and now she uses her role as Secretary of Education to help children across the entire country receive a better education.

Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Man Charged with a Murder as Emotions Run High in Queens

A Hispanic man was charged with the murder of the Imam and one of his colleagues. The video of the suspect, just before the murder, has gone viral on the Internet. According to the police sources, they caught up with the suspect Oscar Morel, after a hit-and-run operation. However, evidence from his apartment and the video surveillance video is strong enough to warrant the arrest. As of now, Oscar Morel is charged with two counts of second degree murder and two counts of possession of weapons.

Imam Maulana Alauddin Akonjee and Thara Uddin of the Al-Fuquan Jamia Masjid mosque were targeted in the Ozone Park neighbourhood of Queens. On Saturday afternoon, they were returning to their homes after attending prayers; however an unidentified assailant opened fire on the two men killing them on the spot. The video cameras show a GMC Trailblazer leaving the scene. Likewise, a person wearing clothings similar to Oscar Morel was also seen following the victims.

If the police were in doubt, such doubts were quickly suppressed as Oscar was reported to have hit a bicycle, just ten minutes later, driving a similar GMC. As the police responded to the hit-and-run event and tried to apprehend Oscar Morel, he rammed the police vehicles several times in order to get away. After surrendering, Oscar Morel acknowledged that he was the one seen in the video following the Imam and his colleague, but he did not shoot anyone.

The New York Post reported that more than thousand individuals attended the funeral of Akonjee, 55, and Uddin, 64. At the funeral, emotions ran high as many chanted slogans for Justice. Responding to the unfortunate event, the Mayor has tried to pacify the situation by ensuring fair trial and thorough investigation. The funeral ceremony featured multiple speakers who said that they were also targeted by others in the community due to their race and religion.

When asked about the motive of murder, police authorities confirmed that hate crime is a real possibility. However, brother of Oscar Morel was convinced that Oscar did not commit the crime because he is peaceful and attended a Catholic School, which emphasized tolerance towards other religions. Recent reports suggest that police are still investigating matters to identify the suspect and motives for murder.

Article Analyzes E-Commerce Trends

Business Insider has an interesting research-based article on their website analyzing the latest trends in e-commerce. Consumers made clear during the 2015 holiday season that shopping online is becoming increasingly popular, and the Business Insider article is an attempt to get a handle on how the online marketplace is evolving; specifically, it looks at how retailers are trying to adjust to e-commerce.

Key Points of the Article

Businesses are increasing their budgets for online advertising and marketing. Notably, retailers are spending more money on paid search advertising. This type of advertising, also known as pay-per-click, grew 18% in 2015.

Mobile phone is the fastest growing platform for online shopping; however, shopping by mobile phone is still less popular than shopping by laptop and desktop computers. Because webpages for mobile phones must be formatted differently than for traditional computers, the rise in mobile phone use for shopping has led to a corresponding increase in the amount of money retailers must spend on web development.

The rise of e-commerce is badly straining the shipping and logistics industry. Companies like UPS are having trouble keeping up because their networks are not designed to handle the amount of volume e-commerce is creating. Companies such as Newgistics, which assists retailers in managing e-commerce, are doing extremely well.


E-commerce is rapidly changing how people shop. Everyone agrees that retailers able to adapt are at an advantage, and they are scrambling to do so.

Coding Mobile Apps May No Longer Be Profitable

The mobile app market was once considered a viable business model for college grads and even students who hoped to attain quick profits off their coding skills and tech acumen. That no longer seems to be the case as social networking giants have become more dominant than even in terms of mobile apps.

According to an early June report published by Business Insider, Facebook owns the three most downloaded mobile apps on a global level. More than 40 million users downloaded WhatsApp during the month of May, followed by Facebook Messenger and the Facebook mobile app. Instagram was also a popular download in May with about 25 million installs from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

In the United States, the pace of mobile app downloads has decreased by more than 20 percent over the last 12 months as users are feeling more comfortable installing just a handful of apps on their smartphones and tablets. Consequently, the top one percent of mobile apps on the iTunes App Store accounts for more than 90 percent of revenue, which can be realized from advertising, pay-per-download, upgrades, or in-app purchases.

The best hope for hopeful mobile developers is to code apps that will catch the attention of big names such as Facebook, Amazon or Google; these tech giants are the most likely to be interested in purchasing apps outright for the purpose of eliminating competition or improving their current offerings.

One glimmer of hope, however, is Google’s intention of making Android apps available in Chromebooks. One complaint about the Chrome operating system is that it is very limited in comparison to the rich Android ecosystem. Once the Google Play marketplace has been successfully ported to Chromebooks, a renaissance of apps could be experienced.

Talk Fusion’s Products Can Help Your Business Succeed

When it comes to owning a business, there is a lot of work that needs to be put into it to make it a success and keep it from failing. Many people might not know where to start and can become frustrated. After all, every business needs customers and a marketing solution to keep those customers coming back. Talk Fusion is offering all-in-one video marketing products to help your business grow and become a success.

Talk Fusion offers such products as video chat, video email, video newsletters, and live meetings where you can talk about your product or business and advertise it. Talk Fusion’s products not only work for businesses, but can help promote awareness of different charities as well. You can even use these products for personal use, such as sending a birthday, get well, or other special moment video to your friends and family. These products are affordable, user friendly, and best of all are compatible with any mobile device. You can use Talk Fusion’s products to promote events, sales and promotions, appointment reminders, and even send thank you’s to your customers after they purchase a product. When it comes to marketing, sometimes those little touches make all the difference.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, believes in helping people grow their business. He is passionate about giving back to others whether it is his family and friends, his community, and even animal charities. Bob is the type of person who wants to provide the very best that he can to help others out when they are struggling. Bob does not want your business to fail. He wants your business to flourish and become the dream you have also envisioned.

Bob believes that a strong work ethic leads to a greater responsibility. He believes that anyone who has a vision for their business can become successful if they put in the effort to make it a reality. Many people have a business idea, but don’t often know where to start or what to do to get started. With the help of Talk Fusion’s products, you can rest assured that they will help your sales skyrocket.

Hackers Steal Millions from Banks

Over $100 million have has been stolen from the Bangladesh Central Bank by unknown hackers. What is known is that the attack originated in Ecuador. This is quite unusual as the previous attacks were aimed at smaller banks that don’t have sophisticated security systems in place, CNN Business News report.

Now, it looks the global banking system is under attack. When hackers can break into a smaller bank, they can make requests to transfer cash out of bigger banks. This is a worrisome trend.

The SWIFT system is used for international money transfers and experts claim now it is exposed by new technologies. If SWIFT can’t keep up, no wonder many other banks can’t as well.

It is reported that hackers use malware to get go around banks’ security systems and, as a result, get access to SWIFT. Then, fraudulent request for cash transfers are sent to steal money from banks. This system is used all over the world and over 15 messages are exchanged every day among the banks.

No wonder it is hard to catch theft. The system generates billions of dollars in daily transfers and had been deemed secure until the latest breaks. Now, SWIFT is subject to increasing cyber attacks.