Syndeegaard Out With Strep

As the New York Mets are trying to close down the season and earn a spot in the Wild Card game in the National league, one of their starting star pitchers is experiencing an unusual illness. Starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard will miss his scheduled start on Saturday after being diagnosed with strep throat.

The illness comes at a poor time for the Mets. They are competing for one of two wild card spots with the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals who they have a one game lead over.

Noah Stndergaard was scheduled to start against the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday and instead will be replaced by Seam Gilmartin. Sean is usually in the bullpen as a reliever and has an ERA of 4.76, high for the league and indicative of a challenging season for him. The Mets starting pitchers have also had a challenging season with only Noah and Bartolo Colon remaining uninjured from what was supposed to be an amazing starting pitcher rotation for the team.

To give them some relief and breathing room the Mets won on Friday night against the Phillies after their hitting came alive reaching double digit runs. This is a far push from what was expected for the Mets who were thought to need to rely on pitching down the stretch to make their way into the playoffs.

If the Mets make the playoffs with the Wild Card spot they are likely start Noah. That game is scheduled to be played on October 5th and he should be fully recovered by then from the strep throat which typically clears out of someone’s system in a week or so. If the Mets are in need of Noah early to make the Wild Card they may choose to give him rest and hope that one of their other pitchers steps up.

While the Mets season has not been a total disaster the hopes for the team were high given their World Series appearance in 2015. While they didn’t win that series they were expected to be in strong contention for the series this year Until the injuries. Failure to make the playoffs in 2016 will be considered a major step back.

Noah’s strep throat is just another obstacle in the way for the Mets.